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This morning I was rudely awoken by an unwelcome 6am alarm going off, not a fan of early call times as I’m not really a morning person but I didn’t mind too much today as I was off to do a period drama and they’re my favourite jobs to do. One of the great things about period dramas is that you’re not allowed to do your hair or make up before you get to set which means you basically just roll out of bed hop in to your car and off you go to location! It also means longer in bed, bliss.

The drive to location was so simple and lovely this morning. Clear roads through the countryside that hosted amazing views. It also only took me 20mins to get there so I arrived at 6.45am and went straight into costume. As I was doing a period drama today it took a while to get all of my costume on as it involved many many layers. How women put those layers on everyday and wore them whilst working in the hot sun I’ll never know. I loved my costume for this particular tv programme, sometimes they put you in some god awful stuff and end up looking absolutely horrendous but today’s outfit was lovely and I most definitely approved even if the corset was rib crushing! After this I hopped over to the makeup and hair trailer. This takes quite a while also when doing period dramas as they have to do your hair in detailed intricate styles the way the women did in the period the show is set in. When you’re just doing a tv soap they generally just let you do your own hair which is rather boring so period dramas are far more interesting to do, plus it makes you feel like you’re important with them fussing over you (always a perk!). I personally LOVE this part as I find it so therapeutic getting my hair done plus I’m always interested to see how they style it. Today it was done beautifully as they put gorgeous ringlets into it (sometimes you’re not so lucky aha!). Whilst getting my hair done I also had a make up artist attacking me with a make up brush trying to make me look a bit grubbier…lovely. They also tanned my face and hands. To my dismay they put black under my nails and ruined my nice clean nails, it really wasn’t the manicure I was expecting. Ah well!

image2 (2)image3 (1)image4

After you’ve been through hair and make up its breakfast time, hurrah! By this point my tummy was really rumbling so I quickly got myself over to the food van and got myself a yummy full English and a cup of tea. I then sat my bum down on the SA (Supporting Artist) bus and scoffed down my breakfast as soon as I could as we then had to be ferried to set which was up in the hills. I got to go on a very cool little tractor like vehicle as we had to be taken through a river and a lot of very thick mud, it was a lot of fun and totally different from what normally happens when I’m a TV extra! This is why I love being an extra, there are never any two days that are the same. Mixes my life up a bit and keeps me on my toes.

We then got on with doing a few different scenes, for once this was done rather quickly instead of having to redo take after take which is usually the case. I also got to be right in front of the camera quite a few times which is always a plus as I can later easily point myself out to my mum when we’re watching it on tv, she’s a pain for making me do this. Lunch quickly came around and we were given a choice of either salmon, veggie chilli or lasagne. I went for the lasagne and luckily got the last one! It was super yummy and I was so impressed that they got all the food up to the set we were at as it was quite a bit of a trek through the hills. I then polished my tasty lasagne off with a MASSIVE and i mean MASSIVE slice of chocolate fudge cake. Happy days!

image2 (3)

After a chilled lunch sitting in the lush sunshine we got on with some more filming. Again this was done rather swiftly with minimal sitting about waiting which is what normally happens when you’re an extra. Towards 3pm it started to drizzle a little so hair and costume quickly whipped some very sexy poncho’s on us. Not that long later an A.D came over and delivered the lovely news that we were wrapped for the day! Excellent news!

After getting back from location we started to de-rig our hair and get out of our sodden costumes. Once back into our own clothes and signing the contract for the day we were free to go home. That’s it! I then drove home and decided to have a hot bubble bath as the corset had given me a bit of back ache (seriously how did these women do it everyday?! Majorly impressed by their efforts I must say!).

Today really was a fantastic day because it ran so smoothly and we got to leave at quite an early time rather than last week when I didn’t get home until midnight! I know the details are a bit scarce as well as there not being many picture’s but I’m not allowed to disclose certain things due to my contract but I hope you enjoyed reading it all the same and that it’s given you a little insight into one of my jobs. I plan to do “A Day in the Life of a Party Princess” next so let me know if you would like to read this to find out more about the second job I do by leaving a comment below.

Lots of love,
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