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Lifestyle | Mini Haul ♡

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I thought I would do a little haul as I’ve picked up a few things over the past week or so and thought I would show you what I got. My mum treated me to a couple of bits as she’s such a cute Mumma Hen!

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1. Bambi Make up bag –
I popped into Primark the other day for a short mooch before work and came across this cute little make up bag. I love anything Disney so I just couldn’t not pick this up. It was only £3 so it was such a bargain as its a good quality make up bag and it fits all my make up essentials in. I love it’s pastel stripes, pastel colours are my favourite and my bedroom is mainly pastel pinks so it fits in perfectly. I also like that it has a little ‘B’ on the zip, obviously this stands for Bambi but I like to pretend it stands for Bethany too.

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2. Vintage Floral Mirror –
My mum treated me to this little beauty, I absolutely love it and it’s so me. I love anything floral and anything vintage. It fits perfectly in my bedroom and sits on my bedside table. It was actually from Asda in their home ware section, they do some beautiful home ware pieces at Asda so get yourself down there to have a look!

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3. I picked this up when out for lunch with my paps as we briefly looked around Todmordon market as there were some cute little stalls. This was only £2 which is such a good price, I couldn’t believe how cheap it was (I picked up a matching one for my best friend as a little cheer up gift too). It’s so pretty and I keep it with my mirror on my bedside table and keep my rings etc in it.

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4. Alice in Wonderland Iphone 4s Case –
Yes I still have a crappy iPhone 4s, can’t afford an upgrade right now as I’m currently saving for my trip to the USA. However, it’s super hard to find nice iPhone 4s cases in shops these days so I ventured on to the trusty Amazon website and came across this lovely Disney case. Alice In Wonderland is my absolute favourite Disney film and you would know this if you read my pay-day wish list post. It looks so cute on my phone and I don’t care if I’m 22 and makes me look like a child!


5. Next Eau Nude Perfume – 
I was saying to my mumma the other day that I was in need of just an everyday perfume that I could wear for work etc as I don’t want to keep using up my Channel perfume as quite frankly works not worthy of my expensive Channel scent aha! So my mum being the cute little thing that she is went and bought me this lovely perfume from Next. It smells divine and is perfect for just everyday wear. I like the kind of perfumes that have a floral smell and this next perfume fits the bill. It says “An enticing blend of lush red fruits, voluptuous florals, powdery musk and sumptuous vanilla”, how very lovely!

It was only a little haul as I’m trying my best to stop splurging on things as I desperately need to save. I’ve linked some of the items so you can purchase them if you like but I couldn’t find them all online unfortunately. I hope you liked reading this post, if you’d like to see more posts like this then leave me a comment below and I’ll make sure I try to post about anything I buy.

Lots of love,
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