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“When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go…” to the Opera House Theatre Manchester to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert! Yesterday, 20th August 2015, I got the opportunity to go to the opening night of this fantastic show. I decided to take my Mumma and my other half with me, I say take my other half it was more drag as musicals aren’t really his cup of tea. After a nightmare of a journey which included trying to give a useless Andrew directions to get across Manchester and attempting to scoff a subway sandwich whilst running down quay street we made it to the theatre with 10minutes to spare. We sat down in our seats and Andrew opened his bag of sweeties blissfully unaware of what he was about to see…

image1 (9)
(Sorry for the bad picture quality, it’s not the best lighting in the theatre!)

The music started and on flounced our first drag queen which is when Andrew whispered to me “What on earth have you brought me to see?!” Bless him. This was before he even saw all the men in the skimpy gladiator-esk costumes flashing their bums… HA.

If you have no idea what this musical is about I will give you a brief synopsis of the story. Priscilla Queen of the Desert is an incredibly cheesy but heart warming musical about three dazzling drag queens who hop on a very broken down old bus which they name Priscilla to go on an adventure across the desert in search of love and place they can call home. Sounds amazing right? It involves some outrageous outfits, a lot of sassy comebacks, a fair bit of Kylie appreciation and an array of dance floor classic that include “Say a Little Prayer”, “Boogie Wonderland” and “Hot Stuff”. What more could you want from a musical?

This particular show included a rather well known singer and very handsome chap called Duncan James from the boy band ‘Blue’. My word, he did ‘Tick’ justice, what an amazing performance he gave. He has such a lovely voice which made me melt when he sang Elvis’ “Always on my Mind”. It was also rather nice starting the show off with a very lovely showing of those incredibly yummy rippling abs he’s got, it was Mumma Hen’s favourite part (we won’t mention it to Papa Suthers).

tn-500_duncanjamesastickinpriscillaqueenofthedesert-photocreditmattcrockett1 (1)tn-500_duncanjamesastickinpriscillaqueenofthedesert-photocreditmattcrockett3
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My favourite character in the whole show however has got to be Cynthia played by Julie Yammanee, my word I wish I could dance like that crazy woman. As soon as she walked on stage she had me in stitches, absolutely love her ping pong ball routine. If you’ve not seen the show you should simply book tickets just to see this as it will have you crying with laughter. She’s so feisty!

It’s honestly the sassiest musical you will ever see, jam packed full of the quickest most cheekiest comebacks you ever did hear… “I think I just heard a whore-moan”. HILARIOUS. Myself and my Mumma Hen were crying laughing from start to finish, thankfully as it’s a very loud show my mothers cackle was masked saving me from the usual embarrassment I have to endure. I’m surprised she managed to stay in her seat rather than join the other middle aged women that had taken to dancing in the isle, she was being rather tame! Though we did have a little dance during the final number because it was just too hard to resist, even Andrew stood up to do a bit of clapping. Granted it’s not the most thought provoking, inspiring, stimulating show but it does keep you entertained and is a great night out.

 If you want an easy going cheesy night at the theatre that’s full of laughs and glitter then get yourselves some tickets to see this musical because honestly it’s such a fantastic show, not one to be missed! Book your tickets now:

image2 (5)
(Again sorry for the bad photo quality, it was rather dark outside after the show!)

I hope you liked reading this post! If you would like to read more theatre based reviews, as I do spend a lot of my time at the theatre, let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,
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      1. Ive seen an absolute tonne but my favourite Id have to say is Les Mis, I saw it in London and it was just incredible. Close second would be the lion king, ive seen it tonnes of times as I work in a theatre and it toured to where I work 🙂 xxx

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