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Beauty | My Go To Lipsticks ♡

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When I’ve been doing my everyday make up recently these three lipsticks seem to be my go to lipsticks at the moment. I absolutely the the colour of all three of them, I seem to be loving pale pink right now as they’re all pink based but I must say they all look and feel quite different on.


1. MAC Frost Lipstick in the shade Angel –
I picked this little gem up in duty free at the airport before I jetted off to Turkey this summer, I mean you HAVE to buy something from duty free before your hols so was my little buy. It’s in a beautiful dusky pink shade and yes, a little frosty! It leaves a lovely glossed finish on your lips and it has a really creamy texture. I seem to find that the wear of this lipstick isn’t very long which makes me a sad panda but I love it so much I don’t really mind having to reapply it throughout the day. It has that classic MAC scent and is packaged in the cute black MAC packaging that I just can’t seem to bring myself to throw away. It’s perfect if you’re wanting a nude look and is great for everyday make up.

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2. Rouge Dior Nude 263 Swan –
This is a very girly pink colour, again it fits the “nude look” trend and I think it really compliments my skin tone. This is a lot more pink than my MAC Angel lipstick but not too pink. I think this lipstick is quite similar to MAC ‘Creme Cup’ however I think that it’s made that little bit better due to it’s incredible scent, take a little sniff of that bad boy and you’ll find that it smells like roses! How cute! The texture of this lipstick is really lovely, it’s incredibly creamy with not too much shine. I’d say it’s definitely a lot creamier than my MAC Angel lipstick which is why I tend to wear this more when i’m going out in the evening because it makes me feel a bit more glam and looks amazing with dark smokey eyes.

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3. Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick 615 Star Dust Pink –
As you can probably tell by it’s stubby nature this is a much loved lipstick, I always have this in my bag and love wearing it most days. Again it’s a pale pink colour because as you can probably guess by now i’m loving pink lips at the mo! It’s definitely my most favourite lipstick right now, it applies like a dream and is incredibly pigmented. It feels so very velvety when on and has a lovely scent to it too. I feel that it’s a lot longer lasting than the other two lipsticks as I don’t tend to find myself needing to apply it more than once during the day. I think it really brightens up my face which is a must when having to grace the earth with my face at 7am for a long day of filming.

And there we have it, my three go to lipsticks right now. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please give it a like if so! Please let me know in the comments what your go to lipsticks are right now and if you have any suggestions for what I should try next… maybe pushing me out of my girly pink comfort zone!

Lots of love,
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