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Fashion | My Everyday Jewellery ♡

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So I thought I would do a little post on my everyday jewellery as I quite like reading these kinds of posts and thought maybe you guys would enjoy reading this kind of post too. These are my favourite pieces that are just too pretty to not be worn everyday! I hope you like them.

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1. Fossil Watch
I could never ever ever go anywhere without my watch, I would feel completely naked without it which is quite strange as before I got this watch I never used to bother wearing one! I love this watch because it’s not too bulky on my wrist. It’s really feminine and quite sophisticated looking with its minimal but very pretty diamante detailing all around the face. It’s pink colour in the middle is lovely and girly which suits me down to a tee. I got this as a present off my parents for my graduation, they bought it whilst we were on an amazing cruise around the Mediterranean as it was a lot cheaper due to the currency on the ship being dollar. I tend to wear a lot of silver so this really fits in with the rest on my jewellery.

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2. Tiffany ‘I Love You’ Bracelet
I was gifted this absolutely gorgeous Tiffany bracelet for Christmas last year by my lovely other half Andrew, he got a lot of boyfriend points for this let me tell you! This bracelet is so delicate and so stunning, I love wearing this as I feel it just adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. On the little disc it says ‘I Love you’ in very beautiful beautiful script that almost looks like it’s handwritten. It’s silver so goes with the rest of my jewellery pieces and I love Andrew so very much for buying me this stunning bracelet.

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3. Pandora Bow Ring
Pandora is such a beautiful shop and I think everyone has at least one piece of jewelry from their range because everything is just so flippin’ stunning in there! I bought this whilst away on holiday in Turkey this summer, I had been eyeing it up in the duty free in the airport but managed to resist however I then saw it again in the pandora store in Marmaris and just couldn’t walk away. It’s such a beautiful ring, it’s so simple and goes so well stacked with another ring I wear. Again as it’s silver it goes with all of my other jewellery.

4. Pandora Heart Stacking Ring
Another favourite of mine is this cute little heart ring, I bought this for myself nearly two years ago with some Christmas money I had. It is however a little big for my finger these days due to weight loss which is a tad annoying but it doesn’t stop me wearing it everyday. I love stacking this with my bow ring as they look so pretty next to each other, I wear them both on my right hand on my middle finger.

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5. H.Samuels Heart Ring
This little cutie was a Christmas present from about two years ago off my Andrew dearest, seriously he gets the best presents! I wear this on my left hand on my middle finger. It’s got a pretty little diamante heart in the centre then two little diamonds on either side of the heart.

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6. Pearl stud earrings from Accessorize
I’ve never really been a massive fan of big statement earrings or dangly earrings so when I saw these simple little stud earrings in Accessorize last winter on a family trip to Scotland I thought they suited me perfectly. I just think that they’re so nice and simple with the pearl detail adding a little something extra to my jewellery collection. As they’re not over the top I feel they can be worn with anything and can also be worn for work.

There you have it, my everyday jewellery! I’m not in anyway boasting about the jewellery I have etc just showing you what I like to wear everyday. I hope you liked reading this post and if you like reading ‘Every day…’ posts then leave a comment below and tell me what kind of posts you would like to see. What jewellery do you wear everyday? What are you favourite pieces in my everyday jewellery? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,
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