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So it’s got to that time of year where everyone is graduating from University and everyone’s wondering how on earth to look good in those black cloaks without looking like you’re off to Hogwarts. I graduated last October, I actually finished University the summer before but my Uni was really weird and waits until months after you’ve finished then drags everyone back. Going from student to graduate is quite a strange transition, no one prepares you for what really happens when you become a graduate. I thought I’d stroll out of Uni fanning my 2:1 degree in my hand raking in the job offers and landing my dream job but it turns out it’s nothing like that at all… how shocking!

e looking awkward as hell at my graduation.

Some tips for the actual graduation day:

1. Make sure that you give yourself loads of time! You need enough time to get ready, get to your graduation, pick up your HP cloak and hat and take pictures before you go into the ceremony. I didn’t do this and ended up running in to my ceremony like a tit just as it was about to start! So if you don’t want to look like a tit like I did, GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME!

2. They try to tell you to wear a shirt so that you can attach your gown firmly to it… no one wants to wear a shirt you want to wear a smoking hot dress so you look hot in your graduation pictures! My top tip is to take a few hair grips with you so that you can sneakily use them to attach your pretty dress to your gown. Simples!

3. Don’t spend tonnes of money on your graduation dress because it hardly get’s seen due to the huge gown you’re wearing, obviously you want to look amazing but bare in mind that it might not be worth spending over £100 on a dress that spends the whole day just peeking out from behind your gown.

4. Try not to go over board with your make up, in years to come you’ll end up looking at your pictures and thinking “why on earth did I choose to match my blue dress with my eyeshadow?!” Just go for a natural look that won’t make you hate your decisions when you’re in your 30’s.

5. Don’t get a fancy up-do done because either you won’t be able to get your hat on or if you mange to your hat will just ruin it anyways. Wear your hair down, maybe some soft curls?

6. If you can’t walk confidently in heels don’t wear them, you don’t want to spend your whole ceremony envisioning yourself going arse over tit when collecting your degree. Just wear flats, you’ll still look on point!

7. I spent the whole of my ceremony bursting for a wee, go before the ceremony starts because those things are so flippin’ long as you have to watch every man and his dog get their degree!

8. Enjoy your day! You only get to graduate once… well unless you do a masters or decided to do multiple degrees… But yeah enjoy it! Do the iconic cap throw, take pictures of you enacting famous Harry Potter scenes, get stupidly drunk on your graduation night out. You deserve it.

Okay now on to life after graduation… All of a sudden you’re pushed into the big wide adult world and let’s face it none of us are quite ready to adult yet. At first you’ll want to run back to your scummy Uni house to take cover under the pile of empty dominoes boxes and cry over pictures of freshers week but I promise YOU WILL BE OK. You can do this. The first big pressure you’ll feel is to get a job. Some people are super lucky in already knowing exactly what they want to do and have a job all lined up for them after Uni. Others, like me, don’t… and still don’t! That’s okay! Some people spend their whole 20’s trying to figure out what they want to do, you don’t need to leave Uni thinking “OMG, I need to start my career right this second or else I’ll end up jobless and living in a box for the rest of my life!” This will not happen. If you don’t know what quite to do with that 2:1 degree in Geography and Natural Disasters that’s alright. You just need to focus on getting any job that will get you some pennies for the clothes you’re now going to have to buy at full price now you’ve lost your student discount *cries*

Some tips for getting a job:

1. Make a CV, if you already have one fantastic but if not you need one ASAP! There’s tonnes of websites out there that show you how to create one. Once you’ve done this, GIVE IT TO EVERYONE. Email it, hand it out, put it on your LinkedIn profile. The more people who see it the bigger chance you have of getting a job quickly.

2. Search websites like, etc there’s tonnes of jobs on there from working at Krispy Kreme  (think of the doughnut shaped job perks!) to normal office jobs doing admin. You can find something that might fit you, be it part-time or full-time. There’s also tonnes of graduate schemes out there too, have a look!

3. Keep your eyes peeled, when you’re out shopping with your friends keep an eye in the shop windows (not just to see the current fashion trends!) as there might be signs saying “hiring”. You could land a job in your favourite shop if you just keep your eyes peeled!

Trying to find a job is stressful but keep going, you’ll find something soon. I finished Uni in the summer and didn’t manage to find a job until September, you’ve just got to go to every interview you can and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get hired straight away.

So you’ve got yourself a part-time job in a local pub/bar, great! Now you can sleep easier at night knowing you can afford that amazing dress for an upcoming girls night without having to beg off your parents. Hurrah you’re a real adult now, look at you affording things! However, if this isn’t a job you want to be doing for the rest of your life you need to be thinking about what you need to do to get where you want to be on the career ladder. You should be thinking about trying to gain experience in whatever it is you want to do. Now you have a part-time job you can afford to do some work experience for free or to do some shadowing to gain that all important experience to make your CV look impressive.


I started out working at Debenhams and whilst I enjoyed working there (mainly for the staff discount) it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Whilst still working there I was always on the hunt for any kid of job related to what I wanted to do career wise. I eventually came across a job as a supervisor at a local theatre, I went for my interview and somehow managed to get the job. It was only a short contacted job but my foot was in the door and that’s all I needed. From there I went on to work at the Opera House and Palace theatre’s in Manchester. Once you’ve got your foot in the door of the career you want it’s easy to get the all rolling. (I won’t go into lots of detail about my different jobs as I’m doing separate posts on them, you can find my post on my job as a tv/film extra here:

A year on from graduating I’m still alive and managing to cope with the struggles of having to be an adult. I have three jobs that I absolutely love and worries of being jobless and living in a box for the rest of my life are no longer being thought. It’s not an easy ride but you’ll be fine! Nothing will stop you from longing for those spontaneous Uni nights out but it’s okay you can just replace them with spontaneous nights out after having one drink after work.. Hey you can’t always be good at adulting!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I am by no means an expert on this subject! I am merely sharing my tips and experience with you guys in the hope that I can help you not fear the adult world so much. If you liked reading this post please give it a like, I’ll love you forever. Maybe give me a follow if you like my rambling posts and for some reason want to read more?

Much love,

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