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Lifestyle | Weekend Away in Northumberland ♡

Hello everyone, I’m so very sorry that it’s been over a week since I last posted but I’ve been away and also so busy with work. I hope you forgive me?! I thought I would write a post about the recent weekend away I had. For bank holiday weekend I went away with my family to Northumberland for my Aunties birthday, this was a huge surprise that we’d been planning for months and it was just fantastic.

Day 1. 
We arrived at the cottages at around 3pm on Friday 28th August and quickly got into the cottage as my Auntie was only 10mins behind us and we wanted to already be in the cottage waiting when she arrived to surprise her. This is where we were staying: The cottages were so beautiful in the middle of nowhere surrounded by countryside. The majority of my family were staying in the bigger cottage and then the rest were in the smaller one next door. We all hid in the kitchen waiting for my Auntie and Uncle to arrive, it took them ages to find which cottage it was so we were stood like lemons being as quiet as we could in the kitchen for about half an hour haha! Eventually when my Auntie managed to get in she walked into the kitchen and we all shouted SURPRISE, she was thoroughly surprised! (She thought she was just coming for a weekend away with my uncle). After the hugs and kisses we decided to get started on making the party food as we were going to have a party in the evening. During the food prep my Auntie had another surprise as my Grandma and other Auntie and Uncle walked through the door (they live in Scotland so my Auntie REALLY wasn’t expecting that!) We then cracked open the drinks and gorged on the yummy party food. My cousin made a really amazing birthday cake for my Auntie too, she’s a massive Liverpool FC fan so my cousin made a football themed cake! It looked so impressive. We didn’t go to bed until something like 2am as we chatted and played games for ages as we’re a very chatty and loud family! (My mum is one of seven so there’s a fair few of us too!) And that was the end of day 1.

This was the main cottage, look how pretty it is!

This was the view from the cottages.

My Aunties cake.

This was the inside of our cottage, the smaller one.

Day 2.
We woke up at around 9, made a quick breakfast and started getting ready for a day out to a local village to do a little bit of shopping and to have a nosey around. You had to go over a bridge from the car park to get to the little village and it had some beautiful views of the village. There were some cute little shops that had some quirky little home ware pieces that I loved, there was also an old school sweet shop that we all loved too (we spent about half an hour in there picking sweets!) Where we were staying and also the little village we were in had absolutely no signal which made some of us feel rather lost so we hung about outside a pub stealing their internet… how sad that we felt the need to do this but that’s the world we live in these days!

This was the pretty view from the bridge.

Myself and Andrew next to the river, look how cute we are…

After our lovely day out we got back to the cottage to have a BBQ, it was lovely and sunny which made it a perfect end to a cute day.

Day 3.

On day 3 we decided to go to a place called Alnwick Castle. This is where the filming for the first few Harry Potter movies were filmed, they used the outside of the castle to create the outside of Hogwarts! I was so excited about going here because I’m a huge HP fan plus it said in the leaflet that there were going to be Harry Potter characters… HECK YES. Myself and my family spent the whole day here having a good laugh and taking lots of pictures. There was an opportunity to dress up in Medieval clothes so of course my family being the crazy cats they are decided to all dress up. It was so much fun, it really made me realise how much fun my family are. Towards the end of the day we noticed a crowd gathering, we went over to the crowd and found that Harry Potter and Dumbledore were paying a visit. So my family jumped at the opportunity to get a picture with them, Dumbledore was crackin’ a lot of jokes and I loved it (you can tell by my face in the picture!) After this we all got an ice cream which were GIGANTIC and so yummy, unfortunately as it was so yummy I totally forgot to get a picture of it… oops fatbum beth! We then headed back to the cottages to make some ‘tator ash’ (t’s a northern dish) and to chill out after a long day at the castle. The guys decided to play poker and the gals decided to play ‘Heads Up’, if you haven’t got this app on your phone you need to get it asap as it’s absolutely hilarious! We played this until the early hours whilst sipping on a few cheeky cocktails, it was perfect.

The castle, look how amazing it looks!

My family and I being cool in our medieval clothes…

11218466_10153217647557266_392095216556827626_n 11987054_10153217642077266_4447981380672850621_n
Family selfies.


Myself, my paps and my bro

We decided to climb a cannon…

11916109_10153217647747266_454197298514675429_nHaving fun with HP and Dumbledore

Day 4. 

This was our final day at the cottages, we had to get up quite early as we were getting kicked out at 10am. It was sad to leave as we had such a lovely weekend at the cottages but it wasn’t over just yet as a few of us decided to stop off at Hadrian’s Wall on the way home. If you’re ever near Hadrian’s Wall I would recommend it as it’s just beautiful. The scenery around it is so lovely and it’s incredibly interesting (Well I’m a bit of a history nerd so I found it interesting…) We got some picture’s around the part we chose to visit, as it’s a flippin’ long wall so we only saw a little bit of it. We had a cheeky spot of tea and cake in the cafe too but fattybum Beth stuck again as I was far to eager to tuck in and forgot to take a picture. Sorry guys! It was yummy though… Then it was time to go home. This was rather eventful as my brother decided to throw up which was nice of him haha then the motorway was closed so we had to go round all the houses to eventually get home..

Me, my paps and my brother again

Cute family picture of me, Andrew, my brother, mumma and paps… and Oscar the dog.

Me, my mumma and my brother stood on Hadrian’s wall

That was it, an little overview of my lovely weekend away for my Aunties 50th birthday. It was so amazing to see my family and spend a weekend away with them. I’m so grateful to have such a beautiful, funny, caring family. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

My huge family (this is actually only half of them!)

Lots of love,

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