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Lifestyle | My top 5 Netflix Programmes

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So we all love Netflix, it’s taken over our Saturday nights as let’s face it we would all rather be sat in bed with a tube of pringles watching our favourite show than necking Jagerbombs… No? Just me? I’m getting old. My crazy spontaneous uni nights out are behind me and i’d rather be snuggled up watching Once Upon A Time than having drinks tipped over my lovely new white dress by some drunken idiot. I therefore thought i’d share with you guys my favourite TV programmes on Netflix…

1. Once Upon A Time
This is a programme I watch by myself as it’s rather girly and not really Andrew’s cup of tea so this is what I watch when he isn’t around! It is just such a cute programme, it’s based on tonnes of fairytales which is such a dream for someone like me because I love fairytales. Basically fairytale characters get taken from the Enchanted Forrest and get trapped in the real world by the Evil Queen in a small town called Storybrook and it’s up to the Saviour to stop the Evil Queen’s spell. It has characters like Snow White, Belle, Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin (my absolute favorite character in this programme, he so sneaky!) and many others. It also includes some Disney characters at a later date such as Elsa and Anna, there’s now rumors that Merida will be joining in the next season! So exciting! It’s such an easy watch and I would reccommend this to anyone who loves girly, cutsey kind of programmes.

2. Lie To Me
This is a great programme, I found this randomly on Netflix one day and we decided to give it a go. Andrew wasn’t sure about it at first as he wasn’t a massive fan of the main guy (he’s a tad weird, though I liked him) but eventually he grew to enjoy it. I loved this programme because it’s crime based which is actually my favourite genre of programme surprisingly! It’s based on a guy called Dr. Lightman who has a business that uses psychology and body language to help the police/clients catch criminals. I found it so interesting as it was totally different to normal crime based programmes. It’s a really addictive programme as it always leaves you wanting to watch more episodes and before you know it it’s 4am and you’re thinking “What the hell am I doing, i’m an adult and need to go to work tomorrow?!”. Honestly, give it a watch, you won’t regret it!

3. Suits
This is something Andrew got me into, he was already way into Suits when he begged me to watch it because he was convinced I would love it. He loves it that much he was willing to go right back to the start to re-watch it just so I could watch it with him. So I thought if he’s willing to do that then it must be good, right? I was right. This is such a good programme and I instantly got hooked. It’s just so slick, it instantly makes you want to don a suit and walk about with a briefcase pretending to be a fancy pants lawyer. It’s clever, it’s funny but also got a bit of romance in there too. Plus it’s based in NYC and who doesn’t love that?! It’s got everything really! Including a nice bit of eye candy called Harvey Spector, offt he’s nice to look at! It’s definitely worth a watch just to see him on your screen!

4. Bones
After Lie To Me sadly ended we were at a loss as to what to watch next but very quickly came across Bones as a suggestion on imdb. It is similar to Lie To Me in the sense that it’s crime based (aren’t all of my programmes) and involves the police, however, it’s different in the way that they catch the criminals. Bones is actually a nickname given to a forensic anthropologist called Dr Brennan who figures out who killed the victims by examining their bones. Dr Brennan works together with a very good looking detective called Seeley Booth (I know really strange name) to catch the criminals. They’re both very opposite personality wise, Brennan is very factual but social inept whereas Booth is more emotive and instinctive but it somehow works. I really enjoy the characters in this programme as they all have some depth to them and actually make you care about them all (apart from Angela, hate her as a character because she’s so whiny). It has tonnes of seasons so it’s perfect for binge watching on your day off as there’s so many episodes that it will take you forever to get through. Happy days!

5. Dexter 
This is a more recent watch for me, I watch this with Andrew as you may have guessed we watch most programmes together. It’s just our thing. Anyways we were drawn to this because we had just finished Bones and really love FBI/Detective/Serial killer based programmes. When we first started watching this we were slightly worried that it was just going to be all dark and horror filmy but it actually has some substance to it which normally isn’t the case when it comes to horror based things. It’s got some great humor in it that makes it a bit lighter which is needed for a programme about a serial killer… It’s based on a guy called Dexter Morgan who is a secret serial killer working in blood splatter in forensics at Miami Police Department. He narrates the programme which at first I didn’t like but have gotten used to and now like as it’s quite different to usual tv shows. Even though he’s a serial killer you really grow to love him, you don’t want him to get caught and actually root for him despite him actually being a bad guy. This is something that I really like about the programme because it really changes up the usual good winning over evil. Though if you don’t really like gore I would say this show isn’t for you!

I hope that this post has made you want to grab a cup of tea and jump into bed with your Netflix, let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments below. What programmes do you like watching on Netflix? Any recommendations? I’d love to hear them!

Lots of love,

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10 thoughts on “Lifestyle | My top 5 Netflix Programmes

  1. I LOVE Once Upon A Time – Only recently discovered it, and luckily my boyfriend is hooked too. Although we aren’t allowed to watch it without each other and we’re in a long distance relationship where we see each other every two/three weeks! EEK!

    I haven’t seen any of the rest, loving the sound of Suits will have to give it a go.

    Great idea for a post!

    Hannah xx


    1. I actually like that Andrew doesn’t like it because I can then watch it whenever I want whereas with the others I have to wait to watch it with him ahaa so I feel your pain! Though we live together so I don’t have to wait as long as you do to watch things… Must be so annoying! Aww thank you, I like reading these types of posts because I find new things to try.
      Beth xx


  2. Great list! I LOVE Once Upon a Time!! Got hooked when t was on Channel 5 but then they stopped showing it, so relieved Netflix picked it up. Have you ever tried Pretty Little Liars? That’s an addiction of mine – definitely a girlie one though!

    I might have to borrow this idea for a post at a later date!

    Katie xx


    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed! Yeah I love PLL but I had to trim it down to five or I would’ve been writing all night about my faves ahaha I watch too much Netflix! That’s alright, make sure you link me so I see your faves too
      Beth xx


      1. I absoutely will! Are you up to date with Once Upon a Time? I’ve still got a few eps of the latest season left to watch. P.S I’m stalking you on instagram now haha 😉


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