Lifestyle | 2016 Goals and Aspirations ♡

Ok, so, I know everyone does this type of post at the beginning of the year but I think it’s important to have an idea of what you want to achieve in the coming year. I’ve been having a think about what I want to do with my life this year and have come up with a few things that I feel I want to achieve before 2016 comes to an end.

Move out
I’d really like to move out this year, I did briefly move to Paris for nearly 4 months whilst I worked at Disneyland Paris and this was amazing which has made me even more determined to move out of my parents house and get my own place. I mean, I love living with my parents as they’re pretty cool as far as parents go but I really want a place I can call my own. I’m going to miss the endless cups of tea being brought to my room but I think the idea of a house with a blank canvas that I can decorate myself  is just far too exciting. I love homeware… a bit too much.

I need to start auditioning for anything and everything that I possibly can. I need to improve my acting CV majorly and get myself some more experience. I really enjoy doing period dramas, I think my dream acting role would be a main part in a period drama. I just love the costumes and the hair, they’re amazing. I do really miss the theatre as it’s been a long time since I’ve done a play that’s on a stage, I miss the simplicity of it and the adrenaline you feel when you step out in front of the audience. I’m going to try my hardest to get involved with as many plays as I can this year because I feel that’s where I truly belong. I think that I might audition for Tokyo Disney this year also because I think that I would enjoy it even more than my time at Disneyland Paris because of how different they run things there. To work at Tokyo Disney you can only do face characters and they mainly look for people who can do more than one face character. I’m fitted for three so I feel I may have a good chance of doing well at the audition. Tokyo Disney just looks insane. Plus, it’s Tokyo, how amazing would it be to live there?!

Improve my blog
I’m really enjoying this whole blogging business, it seems every man and his dog has a blog these days! It’s hard to stand out when you’re surrounded by so many amazing blogs, however, I’ve come to realise that blogging for me is just a creative outlet that helps me get my voice out there. It’s just a bonus that people want to hear what I’ve got to say. I thoroughly enjoy planning and writing posts as well as the networking that works alongside creating your blog. My blog is a baby in the big blogging world but I feel that just over the past few months my blog has grown. I would really like to continue with my blog throughout 2016 and hope to watch it grow even more. My goal blog wise is to improve my blogging skills as well as create a blog that people like to read with their morning coffee.

Talk to more people
Since returning from Disney it’s become very apparent to me that I don’t really have many close friends who live close by anymore. A lot of my close friends have either moved to a different city or are travelling. I feel that what I need in my life is a good group of girlfriends who I can go for brunch with to chat about general life over a plate full of waffles. If this sounds good to you and you live in the Manchester area, maybe we can be friends?

Read more books
I miss reading, I used to be quite the bookworm back in the day and I feel like I never make the time to read anymore. I would like to try and read at least 20 books this year, I feel like I’ll be off to a good start once I’m on holiday on Monday as I love to read by the pool. I think i’ll be able to get through at least 5 books whilst on holiday so hopefully this will kick start a year of reading. I’ve also joined Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge  to help me meet my goal, you should join to!

So that’s it, my 2016 goals. Here’s to hoping I get off my ass and complete some of these goals! What are your goals for 2016? I feel like I’ve said the word goals far too much… goals. Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

Lots of love,

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