Travel | What’s in my carry on bag? ♡

I’m off to Gran Canaria on Monday for 11 days to get a bit of winter sun, I know what you’re thinking “How the heck can she afford a holiday after Christmas?!” WELL, my other half’s paps actually lives out there so all we had to pay for is the flights and VIOLA a cheap January getaway. I thought i’d do a quick ‘Whats in my carry on bag?’ post so you can all have a nosey into what I take with me on the plane. I usually just take my handbag to put the essentials in as I find I don’t really need an awful lot whilst planeing it up.

Iphone 6s and earphones –
Obviously this would be switched to airplane mode whilst on the plane as I’m not a rebel but I’d be using it for music and playing games to save me from boredom and what not.


Passport –
This would be needed for, you know, getting in and out of the country. I have a cute little Cath Kidston cover for my passport, I love having a passport cover as it personalises a rather boring item.


Purse and pennies –
For spending all of my money in the airport and on the plane before I even get on holiday…


Kindle fire –
I have downloaded a few books for reading by the pool and I feel i’ll probably get started on those books whilst on the plane.


Magazine – 
You’ve always got to have a magazine for the plane, it’s a must. Well, I do anyways.


Perfume –
I like to carry a little perfume bottle with me for the plane as it’s super handy and also I like to smell fresh at all times.


Make up bag –
I always like to have my make up bag with me as you never know when you might need it but I also like to take it in my carry on as I like to top up my make up before I land. I will have a clear plastic bag for when I go through security obvs. I might do a ‘What’s in my make up bag?’ post at a later date rather than list what’s in it in this post, there would be far too much waffle otherwise and the only waffle we like is on our plates covered in syrup at brunch…


Sunglasses –
For sunning it up as soon as I get off that plane!


I hope that you enjoyed this little post, i’ll be doing some other holiday posts so keep an eye out for those. There will most likely be a holiday outfit/haul post and a holiday diary type post that includes what I got up to in Gran Canaria. Let me know in the comments if you’re going away for some winter sun, i’d love to read your posts on going away to get me in the holiday mood.

Lots of love,
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