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Hello everyone, long time no blog! I’m super sorry that it’s been a while since I last wrote a post but as some of you may know I was on holiday for 13 days in Gran Canaria so I was making the most of just relaxing and doing nothing. HOWEVER, I am back and ready to blog so lets go… This post is going to be a little in sight into my life as a cast memeber at Disneyland Paris. I asked on Twitter for any questions that you guys might have and I got a good response back which was super amazing. I obviously can’t answer certain questions as we want to preserve the magic as much as possible but I shall try to answer as many of your questions as I possibly can.

most magical moment? Favourite character you met? How was it learning parade routines? Favourite ride?
A: My most magical moment at DLP was probably when I was friends with Mr Penguin on parade and Burt lifted Mr Penguin up in the air spinning him around with his little Penguin feet in the air, I thought to myself “Wow, my job is mental and i’m so super lucky!”. Weird moment to have that thought but there you go. My favourite character that I met would have to be Gaston, I have a feeling you may agree with this when I say he’s just absolutely flawless. Such a good meet, he just made me laugh from start to finish. I mean, he’s well and truly “everyone’s favourite guy!” Parade routines were crazy hard for me, my version of torture but I managed to get through it somehow. Favourite ride has hands down got to be Hollywood Tower of Terror, i’m a massive thrill seeker and I love this ride. If I were to choose a non scary ride it would have to be Pans Flight as it’s just the cutest thing ever and I genuinely well up with tears when i’m on it.

@: what was the atmosphere like between cast members?
A: Erm, it’s a bit like school if i’m honest. You have groups of friends and not everyone gets on. It does get catty now and then but that’s inevitable when you eat sleep breath Disney 24/7. Your friends and house mates are all your colleagues too so you never get away from it. You’re stuck in a bubble.
: what was your least favourite part of the job?
A: Has to probably be learning dance routines as it’s just not me, i’m not a dancer so it was a bit like torture for me as I had to humiliate myself over and over in rehearsals.
how many times did it take to pass the parade routines or did you do it first time?
A: Took me a few times to pass certain dances as they teach you within a couple of hours and my head needs to process it over night so that it sinks in properly… can’t you tell i’m not a dancer aha
do you speak French or any other languages than English ? If not how did you find the language barrier? 
A: I don’t speak French no, it’s not a necessity as you have to speak English OR French but whilst I was there I learn’t words and phrases so that I could a hold a basic conversation. I found it so much better once I had learnt a few things to say, had I stayed longer I would’ve loved to have learnt more because it’s such a beautiful language.
 did you ever find guests made encounters difficult? Eg. Trying to throw you off topic? Ps. I love you
A: Surprisingly no, I never struggled with any difficult guests! They were all super lovely, lucky me. I love you too babe ❤
do you have a guest meet that stood out the most and why?
A: My favourite guest meet would have to be with the beautiful Ellie Steadman, Punz had such a wonderful time at this meet because she just made it so easy for Punz to have a conversation with. It flowed so nicely and Punz just genuinely had the BEST DAY EVER. They also skipped through Fantasyland and Punz loves to skip, yano, as well as running and racing and dancing and chasing and leaping and bounding!
 what was your favourite experience whilst out there? Would you ever go back? 
A: My favourite experience whilst being out there was meeting all the people I met and making some really lovely friends. It was just a great experience overall and i’ll always remember it. Yes, if they asked me to go back I would ant that’s because I feel I still have things I need to do there as there were some friends of mine that never got to go in the park so i’d love to be able to do that.
 which character would you have liked to be friends with? Would you go out to work at any of the other parks?
A: If I could choose absolutely any character to be friends with it would be Alice, she’s my most favourite character but sadly I am too tall. I am actually planning to audition for the Disney Cruise line next week in London and if that’s not successful then I plan to audition for Tokyo Disney in August.
 What was your favorite moment in Disneyland? 
A: I’ve sort of already answered this question within Ellie’s questions so have a gander at that my love 🙂 However, I would also like to add another moment to this which was the first time that my friend Punz was on parade, this was a truly magical moment for me that I will treasure forever. I cant describe just how amazing it was.
 do you speak french? And what 3 characters are you suited for? Snow, rapunzel and…? 
A: I have already answered the speaking French thing, see above. I am fitted for Snow, Rapunzel and Merida. Sadly, I never got the chance to be friends with Snow or Merida in the park due to time and organisation.
 What was your first day like?

A: My first day was honestly a whirlwind of a magical day, it was a crazy and I think that I may have to do a whole post on what my first day was like. If you would be interested in that?

 did working in Disneyland Paris ruin any of the magic for you or make you unexcited to holiday there? x
A: Working there has ruined a bit of the magic for me yes but I think that was inevitable, I would return to DLP but not exactly to holiday but to see my friends. I’d LOVE to go to any other park on holiday though.

What’s your most memorable experience with someone who came to see Rapunzel? 🙂 

A: I have already answered this one in ‘DisneyAce’ question, Ellie was brilliant and Punz loved her to pieces.

 What hours do you have & how does your day as a character go? 

A: I can’t really say exactly what happens backstage as it wouldn’t really preserve the magic, i’m really sorry however I can tell you that I worked 5 days a week and had 2 days off. I welcomed those days off that’s for sure.

 did you need to be able to speak French?

A: Nope you don’t, English OR French.
@Imzypop Did you do any other role other than Punzie during your stay at Disney?
A: I was friends with lots of characters whilst at DLP such as King Louie, Mr Smee, Mary Poppin’s penguins, a gingerbread man to name a few. I loved them all.
 what’s it like being friends with a fur character?
A: It’s a lot of fun, I enjoyed being friends with them a lot 🙂 Some people feel above it but I personally really enjoyed it.
 Did you have to whiten your teeth? What was the hardest part of the job?
A: Erm… nope? Hardest part of the job for me was learning dance routines as I am in no way a dancer, I am able to dance but I’ve never been trained so lack some of the skills needed for certain dances. It put a lot of pressure on me as I really wanted to prove myself but I ended up getting very stressed about it all.
 Did you do any other role other than Punzie during your stay at Disney?
A: I was I have already mentioned a few of my friends in above questions so check them out!

 Did you visit some of Paris during your stay in France? What did you think of the French at the park? Is it you who wanted your contract lasts only three months? Why not be stayed longer at Disneyland? Have you been afraid the first time you came out backstage dressed as a princess? what did you do ur 1st day of work? Were you directly transformed into character? were you doing the role of Rapunzel every day? If not, what were you doing as other work? did you learn to speak a little French when you were in France?

A: I did visit Paris, a few times actually and I loved it. I did all the touristy things like go up the Eiffel Tower and ate a lot of french food including Escaegot (it was super tasty as much as a snail can be anyways). Disneyland Paris is a cute little park, the main Disneyland Park is lovely but the Studios need a lot of work as there is really nothing going on in there. I’ve never been to another Disney park so I have nothing to compare it too but I have seen shows/parades from other parks and they look incredible, they make DLP look a bit small in comparison. My contract was only 4 months long, I went there on a CDD contract which is a date to date contract meaning I had a start and end date. I would’ve loved to have stayed longer as there were so many things that I hadn’t got to do and would’ve loved to have done… maybe if I ever get to go back i’ll finally get to do them. I was never ever nervous when being friends with Punzie, i’m an actress so I absolutely loved every moment of being on stage. As I have said previously I shall go into detail in another post about my first day, if you would like? I wasn’t friends with Rapunzel everyday, no, I got to be friends with lots of other characters too. Yes I did, I’ve mentioned this in previous questions so make sure to read above.
And that’s the end of my Q + A, thank you so much guys for taking the time to read my post and I really hope you enjoyed it. If you find you have more questions for me then ask me them below, if there is a lot more questions then I may do another Q+A post at a later date. If you want me to do anything else related to my time at Disneyland Paris then let me know in the comments and i’ll be sure to fulfill your wishes!
Lots of love,

11 thoughts on “Disney | Cast Member Q+A ♡

  1. merci beaucoup d’avoir répondu à toutes mes questions ! J’ai l’impression d’avoir été vraiment très curieuse !!! cet article est très intéressant.

    Thank you so much to answer me to all my questions! I feel like to be so curious! This post is really intresting. (sorry for my english…)


  2. love love loved this, made me shed a happy tear.
    Meeting Punzie was truly one of the greatest Disney moments I’ve ever had.
    I hope she knows how special it was and how much it meant to me!
    I really hope Disney snap you back up again soon!!!xxxx


  3. I love reading about your DLP experiences, they looked fantastic! I’m a Cast member at one of the Disney Stores but nothing would compare to being friends with those characters! I didn’t realise you were a Cov Uni graduate! I study there too 🙂


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