Lifestyle | Weekly Catchup… #1


Hello lovely people, I have decided to do a weekly blog post that will be based on what I get up to in my day to day life that I should hopefully be posting every Sunday. I’ve seen a few of these kind of posts and I enjoy reading them… mostly because i’m rather nosey but hey ho who doesn’t like a good nosey? It’s like a casual Facebook stalk but I’m making it easier for you by telling you all directly as i’m nice like that. Anyways, lets get on with telling you what I got up to…

EATING | Nakd. Cocoa Orange bars. Oh my, i’ve just discovered these glorious little bars of heaven and i’m completely obsessed with them. They’re super yummy and are totally healthy. You can get your chocolate fix without feeling super guilty about it. I just put them in my bag for when i’m on the go and they’re great for snacks when i’m on extras jobs. LOVE THEM.

DRINKING | Tea. Always. Pretty sure my liquid diet purely consists of just tea… probably not the healthiest but whenever I need a drink I just always want a cuppa. Noting beats a cuppa. Ever.

WORKING | This week I did a day at good ol’ Hollyoaks which threw me back into my old routine. It was just one scene which was nice, met some lovely people as always and got my little face back on that camera… even if I was just a blur in the background. A few days later I did also do a day on a film set this week, it was incredibly interesting. The studio was in the middle of nowhere in North Yorkshire, it was about an hour and 15min drive from where I live which isn’t too bad. There were only two of us little extras which meant we were more in view of the camera which is always nice. I also met a very well known actor… I’ve also gone back to doing princess parties and I had a Snow Sisters party, I was the younger sister for this party. It was a lot of fun to be back and doing parties. I should also be back at the Opera House Manchester soon, hopefully sooner rather than later as i’m rather in need of the pennies. I have been applying for a wide variety of jobs including a cruise ship entertainer/host as well as a drama workshop leader for children. I just need something new to focus on as i’m just super bored with life right now. I also have Disney Cruise Line auditions next week so that should be fun.

WEARING | This week I loved wearing my denim dungerees, yes I may sound like a child BUT they are honestly the comfiest things to wear. I wore them the day I drove to North Yorkshire for my day on the film set and usually I don’t like wearing things like jeans to drive in as I feel too restricted however I didn’t feel restricted at all in them. I love that you can just wear them with anything, you can throw a stripey top under or a jumper with a pair of vans or converse and BAM you have such an comfy but on trend outfit.

LOVING | I’d have to say my favourite item this week has been my Harry Potter colouring book and I know after saying I’ve been loving wearing dungarees I must sound like i’m trying to cling on to my childhood but hear me out… why the frig wouldn’t I want to colour? I mean it’s so relaxing and just helps me to not just be sat on social media all the time. Colouring isn’t just for kids, people! Get yourself a colouring book and join me in having the best time ever.

LISTENING | Absolutely loving the Beebs at the minute and i’m not ashamed to say it. His songs are just far to catchy and I can’t help but wack them on full blast in the car.

READING | I’ve just finished reading a book called “Follow You Home” by Mark Edwards. It’s a bit of a physiological thriller with lots of twits and turns, these kinds of books are my favourite to read. I think that I will do a full review on this book as I would like to start doing book reviews up on my blog. I like reading book reviews on other people’s blogs in order to find new books to read as i’m a bit of a bookworm myself so why not give it a go!

WATCHING | Currently loving Criminal Minds, I adore crime/detective/serial killer tv shows… may make me sound like a lunatic but I just find them so interesting. I love psychology, I did it at ALevel and loved it. I think had I not been a down and out thespian I would’ve gone down the psychology route. Anyways, yes, Criminal Minds lets talk about that. I’m really getting into it, I absolutely love that it’s got something like 10/11 season as it means on days where I genuinely cba I can wack it on and watch a billion episodes!

PLANNING | Myself and the boyfriend are planing on moving out. This isn’t a certain thing, we’re just adding up the costs of moving out and seeing whether we could afford to do it. We’ve been having a look at possible places within Manchester City Centre to try to suss out what we can afford and what our pennies could get us.I would absolutely love to move out, we need our own space as two people living in one room is just too cramped.

OBSESSING | Social meadia, specifically Twitter and Instagram. I’m just never off them, if i’m not on one i’m on the other. It’s becoming a problem. I just love them, I can’t help it. It’s opened me open to a bunch of new possibilities as well as the opportunity to talk to some super cool people. It’s a good and bad thing really. Either way, i’m obsessed.  

WANTING | There’s a pair of the most beautiful little shoes I’ve ever seen that i’m just lusting over at the minute. I mean, I genuinely need them. NEED THEM. They’re Alice In Wonderland themed so they’re just absolutely perfect. They’re so pretty. However, the price isn’t too pretty as they’re £195.00… I deserve a treat though right? Right?! Have a look for yourself and see how pretty they are:

FEELING | Positive. Right now my life is a bit nothing but that’s ok because I’ve just recently returned from an amazing experience at Disneyland Paris and a really lovely holiday in Gran Canaria so I’ve realised that my life can’t always be fun and games. I’m positive something new and exciting will come soon but until then I accept my nothing life.

MOMENT | My favourite moment this week was definitely meet David Tennant, it’s times like this that I realise just how cool my job is. I’ve met a fair few famous people from doing my job such as Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Sam Worthington (Avatar) and many others. I really enjoy being an extra because you meet so many different people of different backgrounds/ages/ethnicity that you might not usually get to meet in life. I really do recommend being an extra. It’s amazeballs.

That’s all for this weeks catch up, I shall try to make this a regular thing so that you can have a peek into the world of Beth, yano, if you fancy it. I also snap what I get up to in the week on snapchat, especially when i’m being an extra so if you fancy it add me on snapchat? Username – bethanysuthers

Lots of love,

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