Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up… #2

Hello my lovely readers, it’s that time of the week again where I tell you all the tales of my week. I got up to a few things this week so I hope you enjoy reading about them!

EATING | This week I had THE most amazing hot-dog from Ed’s Easy Diner whilst I was down in London. If you’ve never been then you need to get yourself down there because they have some seriously tasty food. It’s an American diner and it’s honestly one of the coolest places I’ve eaten. I love the American diner in the 50’s style, it just made me want to go to America.

DRINKING | Again whilst I was at Ed’s Easy Diner, I had the best ever drink. It was a Biscoff Milkshake and if any of you know me at all you know this was right up my street. I LOVE BISCOFF. I mean it’s a genuine obsession. I love the spread, I put it on anything so to see that it was in Milkshake form I just had to have it and it was just like heaven in my mouth. Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water. Yum.

WORKING | This week I didn’t actually do any work… Opps. I know that probably sounds super bad but I was instead auditioning down in London. As some of you may know, I auditioned for Disney Cruise Lines this week. Unfortunately this time I did not make it on to the books but I had a fantastic time trying with some of my Disney pals. I will go into more detail in a separate post about my experience with DLC cruiseline auditions as they are very different from the DLP ones. I did have to go into Pamper Your Princess this week which is the party entertainment I work for, I had a short meeting about improvements etc that can be made to the company. After this we took some pictures as me as Alice in Wonderland to put up on the Facebook page to advertise the Easter visits I will be doing as Alice. As you may know I am a massive Alice fan, it’s my favourite book/film so to get to be Alice is so much fun for me. If you want to have a snoop at the pictures on the Pamper Your Princess Facebook page then have a look here. Maybe even give it a cheeky like? I am also trying to find another job, I’ve actually applied for a variety of different jobs so lets see what happens. I have got some interviews next week so stay tuned!

WEARING |  This week I’ve been wearing my burgundy vans a lot. This is due to driving to and from London and then doing a lot of walking around London so when doing this I’ve been wanting something comfy on my feet. They’re super easy to throw on with any outfit and they’re so comfy after years of breaking them in.When I first bought them they literally shredded my heels to pieces, funny story, I wore them to Uni one day and actually had to take them off when walking home because I was in so much pain. I got so many funny looks whilst I was doing a Pocahontas going bear foot through the streets of Coventry.

LOVING | Cards Against Humanity. OMG this game! It’s actually one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. Whilst spending time with my Disney gals this week we played this card game a lot and before this i’d never played before. It’s described as “A party game for horrible people.” Basically, it’s a card game where you have to come up with the funniest answers you can with the white cards that you’ve been dealt to questions read off a black card. I doesn’t sound like much of a game but honestly it’s hilarious.There’s some pretty dodgy answers in there so be warned. You can read more about it and also buy it if you fancy it here. I will definitely be purchasing the game for myself as I absolutely loved it, don’t judge me. 

LISTENING | A lot of Disney music was played this week due to the auditions, whilst I was driving to and from London from Manchester we blasted a number of Disney hits in the car. Gotta love singing Disney songs at the top of your lungs.

READING | I’ve not had time to do an awful lot of reading this week unfortunately, book wise that is, has anyone got any books they would recommend? I like a wide variety of books such as dystopian, romance, thriller, young adult etc let me know if you know of any books I might enjoy!

WATCHING | Scream Queens. I had to see what all the fuss was about, everyone and his dog seems to be watching this right now so I thought what the heck i’ll give it a go. So far I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, i’m only three episodes in so maybe i’ll love it more the deeper I delve but so far… it’s just a bit odd!

PLANNING | Currently planning, I say planning it’s more preparing but i’ll class it as the same thing, for my interview on Wednesday. I’m not going to say what it is as I don’t want to set my heart on it by sharing my excitement with you guys and then not getting the job but I will tell you that it’s a Skype interview and that it is rather exciting!

OBSESSING | Over this interview on Wednesday. Literally scouring the internet for any information possible, it’s becoming an obsession. I just want to make sure that i’m super prepared because this job would be super amazing.

WANTING | I really want a pair of white low top converse, yes I know everyone has them but I just think they will be so easy to throw on with any kind of outfit plus they look super comfy which is what I want for when i’m doing long days on extra work or yano shopping.

FEELING | Nervous. Not only do I have an interview on Wednesday but I also have one tomorrow so i’m a bag of nerves. The one on Wednesday is more important to me so i’m super nervous about that one specifically. I always spend ages prepping for interviews and then go blank in the interview, i’m hoping this isn’t the case this week. I also never know what to wear to interviews, I hate suits as I feel they’re so unflattering on me so i’m always stuck on what to put on. Hopefully i’ll be able to put something together by tomorrow.

MOMENT | My favourite moment this week has got to be spending time and catching up with my Disney gals. I haven’t seen them since we finished out contracts at DLP in January and some of them I haven’t seen since November/December as they left before me. We had a good giggle and ate a LOT of junk food. It was just perfect. I really hope that we can make it a more regular occurrence to meet up as I’ve super missed them.

There you go, that’s my week. If you’re enjoying reading about what I get up to every week then please let me know in the comments below as I’ll continue with doing these little posts every Sunday. I really enjoy writing them as it’s a lot of fun to look back over my week, I also like the idea of documenting what I’ve done as it means I’ve got something to look back at and remember all the small things that I might not be able to remember in a few months time.

Lots of love,

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