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disney wish list

Alice in Wonderland themed socks
How cute are these socks?! I just need these ASAP. Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely adore AIW and as soon as I saw these cute little socks on the Disney Store website I knew I had to have them plus they’re only £2.95 which is so reasonable.

Missimo Princess Nightshirt  
Everyone loves Disney pjs, right?! It’s just a necessity so when I spotted this nightshirt on ASOS it went straight into my basket. It’s also got Rapunzel on it which is always a plus for me… Yes i’m obsessed.

Mermaid Tee
I’m always on the look out for Disney clothing that’s not too in your face, I love Disney and everything but sometimes you just want a more understated Disney look as it can come off as a bit childish or tacky sometimes… Unless you’re in Disneyland as then you obviously go full out head to foot Disney as no one judges you there. I found this cute little tee on Amazon and it’s exactly the kind of understated Disney look I’ve been looking for plus it’s such a reasonable price too!

Disney Art Heart Frame
I spotted that a lovely girl on Twitter has a little shop on Etsy and sells some super pretty Disney inspired wall art and so I decided to have a gander. I fell in love with the Rapunzel themed one and thought I had to add it to my current Rapunzel shrine I have going on. I shall be purchasing this ASAP Lizi!

Alice in Wonderland Vans
Now these are a bit pricey at £52 (hence why they’re on my wishlist!) but I just adore them. I just think they would look so cute with some skinny jeans and a white basic tee for a casual look.

Rapunzel Wine Glass
This is amazing, I can be an adult drinking my glass of wine at the end of a hectic working week whilst also enjoying my love of Disney!

As soon as I get paid I shall be buying all of this, I just can’t help myself. Let me know if you liked this little wishlist post, I shall try to do one every month or so.

Lots of love,

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