Lifestyle | Weekly Catch up… #3

Hello good looking people, here we are again! Where has the week gone?! February seems to be flying by, anyway, here’s what i got up to this week…

EATING | Biscuits. So many biscuits. It’s becoming a problem, I’m completely obsessed. I can’t help but dive into the biscuit drawer when i’m making a cup of tea and I really need to stop. Digestive’s, Jaffa Cakes, Cookies, you name a biscuit I promise you i’ll have eaten one this week. I need to slow down and possibly go to Biscuit Scoffers Anonymous because I have an addiction and i’m ready to admit it.

DRINKING | I’ve been trying my best to drink lots of water this week in order to get back on the fitness track (obviously doesn’t work when scoffing biscuits but lets ignore this) and it’s been going well as along with my usual tea drinking obsession, water is all that I’ve been drinking. Lets hope it carry’s on!

WORKING | This week I was at Hollyoaks doing a bit of extra work, can’t seem to get away from that place. It wasn’t too bad as I got to be a badass police woman which was a lot of fun, got my own handcuffs and everything. I do enjoy extra work, you get to meet so many different people that you might not usually talk to in normal everyday life. It can be a bit boring sometimes when you’re sat off set but for the amount of money you get paid you can’t really complain. I’ve been booked to do five days on Emmerdale next week as well as a period drama so it’ll be a busy week next week but i’m looking forward to it. I’ve also done two princess parties this week, I got to spend some time as the younger snow sister and the princess of beauty. Check out our website to have a gander at what parties we offer and what characters are available! Something else that has been happening that is kind of work related is that I’ve had two interviews this week. They both went really well but I’m more wanting the job that I interviewed for on Wednesday. It’s such a good opportunity and is rather different from what I’ve done before so it will really challenge me. I’m not going to giveaway what it is yet, once I know whether I’ve got it or not I shall reveal all I promise!

WEARING |  I’ve loved wearing my girly floral dress by Hearts and Bows this week. It’s so pretty and makes me feel very girly when I wear it. I love pairing it with my pale blue Miss Selfridge coat and pale pink Michael Kors bag. I did an OOTD blog post including this dress, have a look at it here.

LOVING | My new Mean Girls quote phone case from Coconut Lane! Seriously, how cute is my phone case?! Everyone loves Mean Girls, it’s just the most quotable film ever made and I honestly don’t think I get through a week without saying at least one Mean Girls quote so when I saw this bad boy on the Coconut Lane website I just had to buy it. Fancy picking one up for yourself? Save yourself a few pennies with my code ‘thatsutherskid20’ for 20% discount. They have all sorts of cases to glam out your phone. Treat yourself, it’s the weekend!

LISTENING | I can’t seem to stop playing Shawn Mendes – Stitches this week, I’ve had it on repeat all week and I can’t get enough of it. It’s such a catchy little tune, if you’ve not listened to it you need to wack it on now!

READING | As I’ve been doing some extra work this week I’ve had to take a few things to entertain me when not on set so I picked myself up Cosmo magazine. I do enjoy Cosmo, it’s always good for a quick reading binge.

WATCHING | I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube this week, I love watching YouTubers and i’m always on the hunt for new channels so if you have any recommendations please leave them in a comment below. I have an obsession with watching clothes/make up hauls, I always like to have a nosy at what the shops have on offer to decide whether I should get up off my lazy ass and go shopping. I also enjoy watching weekly vlogs, I cant get enough of Brogan Tate’s vlogs and have been a fan since she started doing them. She’s so down to earth and relatable! If you haven’t seen her channel then you’re missing out, watch her here.

OBSESSING | I’m really obsessing over checking my phone/emails at the minute waiting to hear back about the job I interviewed for this week and also wanting Disneyland Paris to ring me with another contract. I’m too frightened to put my phone down in case I miss a phone call or email. It’s so annoying just waiting about, my whole life literally revolves around a phone call/email. JUST CONTACT ME ALREADY!

WANTING | I’m really wanting a pale blue leather jacket. I’ve seen a few pop up on Instagram but I don’t know where people are getting them from, if you’ve seen any please let me know in the comments where I can get my hands on one! They look so beaut and would be perfect for the up coming Spring season.

FEELING | Nostalgic. I miss Disneyland Paris so much, I’ve been looking back over my pictures from living there for 4 months and it’s made me want to go back so badly. Please ring me Disneyland Paris and offer me another contract?

MOMENT | Now this will probably sound so random but my favourite moment this week has to be when James Sutton (John Paul from Hollyoaks) saved my poor little feet from turning blue. We were doing a lot of filming outside this week for Hollyoaks and stupid me didn’t think about this when dressing for the day ahead. I went in little black ballet shoes… my poor feet were numb after just half an hour of filming. James, the hero that he is, saw that I was freezing my little toes off and went off set in search of some socks for me and returned bearing some bless him! It was such a tiny gesture but I really appreciated this little act of kindness so that’s why it’s my favourite moment.

And that’s my week. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below, I would love to hear about your week!

Lots of love,

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