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Hello beautiful people, long time no blog posts! I’m super duper sorry but i’ve been so busy with work, paperwork for my new job and being ill. Please forgive me, I promise i’ll get more posts up ASAP!

Thought I would get on the hype and do one of these Disney confession posts! I needed a simple post that could get me back in the swing of things so here we are 10 of my Disney confessions:

1. Working for Disneyland Paris has really ruined Disney for me, it’s just not the same anymore. I associate some of the characters with their human friends now and mostly in a negative way. I can no longer watch some Disney films due to this. There’s other things too that have ruined it for me but I can’t really go in to that. It’s just no longer truly magical for me anymore.
2. My least favourite film is Aristocats and my least favourite Princess film is Sleeping Beauty.
3. The only Disney park i’ve been too is Disneyland Paris.
4. I think owning tones and tones of Disney merchandise can be a bit tacky sometimes, don’t get me wrong, I do love a good Disney themed mug but I think coating your whole room/house/wardrobe with Disney is a bit much. I like understated Disney things.
5. I HATE Frozen. With. A. Passion.
6. I think Pin Trading is a waste of money, the whole trading sounds cool but honestly, what’re you going to do with them? What’s the point?
7. I HATE that you can meet Spiderman at Disney, it’s just not right.
8. I think the Hot Dogs at Casey’s Corner are overrated. They’re pretty small and expensive.
9. I’ve never seen Fantasia.
10. Finally, probably the most outrageous confession.. I really couldn’t careless about Mickey Mouse. I just think he’s a nothing character, I know he started it all but I just find him boring. Same goes for Minnie. I much prefer Goofy, he’s the coolest.

So there they are, my Disney confessions! I think the last one will be the most controversial… Please don’t hate me! It’s just my opinion.  I’m still a huge Disney fan, I promise.
I actually had a lot of fun writing this even though it’s only a little post.
What are your Disney confessions?! Let me know in the comments.

Lots of love,

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8 thoughts on “Disney | Disney Confessions

  1. What an honest post! I’m sorry working for Disney has ruined the magic for you, I hear a lot of ex-cast members saying that 😦
    Three Disney confessions for me are that 1. I’ve never seen fox and the hound! 2. Though I dream of one day being a face character performer in the park, I’m not overly fussed about meeting all the characters! I prefer seeing them on parade 3. My least favourite princess is Cinderella! I love the 2015 version of the film but I find the original and its characters uninspiring and a little bit boring!
    Loved reading this post and hope to see more Disney posts soon!
    Love Maddie


  2. I can imagine being a cast member ruined the magic… it’s something I’d love to do but I’d never want the magic of Disney ruined for me!!
    I used to love pin trading when I was little, but now that I’m older (and I have to pay for things, not my parents) I’d much rather spend that money on a souvenir I can use once I get home, like a mug!
    Olivia xxx


  3. It makes me so sad that it’s ruined the magic for you! I worked at Walt Disney World in merchandise and it certainly didn’t ruin it for me…I’ve been considering auditioning for DLP but having second thoughts now!


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