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Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #4

Hello everyone! First of all I want to apologies for my lack of posts, I’ve been super busy with work and things but I promise I’ll get some up ASAP! I hope you forgive me guys. Sorry this catch up is super late.

EATING | I’ve been eating like an absolute king this week because I’ve been doing a lot of extra work. When you do extra work that’s on location you always get given your meals, normally it’s breakfast and lunch. This week I’ve done three days of extra work and the food they’ve been giving me is just flippin’ amazing. I feel like I’ve gained a stone within three days. For breakfast they put a full spread on: full english, sausage/bacon/egg sandwiches, porridge, cereal, toast, toasted teacakes, pancakes, croissants, brioche… you name it it’s there! Then for lunch I had things like fisherman’s pie one day and fish and chips another, they also have cheese boards and a whole table of desserts. It’s crazy! As if that’s not enough they also do two tea breaks where you can have tea/coffee with biscuits and sandwiches. I’ve been rolling home at the end of the day.

DRINKING | I’ve been drinking a lot of Tea this week due to the extra work as when i’m not on set I just find myself making myself cups of tea through boredom, plus they have a massive range of different tea’s available so I have to try all of them… it would be rude not to!

WORKING | So as I’ve already mentioned I’ve done a lot of extra work this week, I’ve been doing 13/14 hour days which are an absolute killer! It has been a lot of fun however. On Wednesday I was over in Liverpool as  was doing a period drama where I had to dress like a 1920s flapper girl, this was an absolute ball. I love doing period dramas because of the hair/make up/costumes you get to wear, it’s just amazing. Another reason why I love them is because I can just roll out of bed in a morning without faffing with my hair and make up because it gets done for me when I arrive on set, bliss! I met some really cool people whilst filming for this and we had such a laugh, it makes all the difference when you meet people who you get on with because it makes the day go so much more quicker. I’ve also been filming for Emmerdale as well, i’ve been booked for five days doing this so i’ve got three more days of it next week. There isn’t really anyone my age doing the Emmerdale one so unfortunately I have to entertain myself. I’ve made sure to pack my Harry Potter colouring book and a Cosmo magazine to keep me occupied when i’m not needed, i’m the coolest of the cool. I’ve also done a princess party this week at Pamper Your Princess, I got to be the younger snow sister and was joined by a a very handsome chappy. It’s always fun to do the parties with someone else as you can bounce of each other and I think the interaction is just so much better when there are two of you.

WEARING |  I’ve not really been wearing my own clothes really this week can I get away with saying my favourite clothing item this week was the 1920s flapper dress? It was so beautiful, I didn’t want to take it off. It was baby pink with tonnes of tassles on it so when I danced they flew about, it was gorgeous.

LOVING | Anything orange… it’s an addiction. I can’t stop chocolate, biscuits, you name it i’ve been eating it this week! I just love the taste right now.

HATING | All the traffic I endured this week, it was an absolute nightmatre. I was an hour and a half late to the period drama and half an hour later to Emmerdale on the Thursday all thanks to the horrible traffic around Manchester. My word, it made me want to end myself!

LISTENING | I’ve been listening to that podcast, Serial this week. It’s quite addictive! I know i’m way behind the hype for this but i’ve been really enjoying it. If you’re like me and behind the times, you should because it’s pretty damn good.

WATCHING | The Walking Dead. The new season is now back, HURRAY! I’d missed some of the new episodes so had a big catch up this week and OMG they’re awesome. It’s just so addictive and it leaves every episode on a hook!

OBSESSING | I’m constantly looking for information on life working on cruise ships, it’s become an obsession. I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I do this with anything and everything though holidays, new jobs etc I just like to plan everything.

WANTING | EVERYTHING… Seriously, you should see my saved list on ASOS. I’m massively obsessed with anything pastel colours, pink/blue/lilac. I do really want a new outfit for next weekend as i’m going on a night out in Liverpool for my friends 21st and it’s always nice to wear something new. I’m thinking either a playsuit or a midi dress.

FEELING | Confused. I really don’t know how to feel about this new job. I’m super excited as it means I get to travel to amazing places for free that I otherwise probably wouldn’t get to see in my lifetime whilst doing something I love but it also means i’m leaving Andrew for 6 whole months as well as my family. It’s going to be so hard. So i’m left feeling rater confused.

MOMENT | My favourite moment this week has got to have been meeting new people and make some new friends, I really got on with a few people at the extra’s job I did on Wednesday and have continued chatting with them. This is why I love being an extra because you can end up meeting people that you get on with really well and end up making great friends. I feel like right now all my friends from home are off travelling or have moved away so i’m a bit lonely these days so i’m always wanting to meet new people.

And that’s my week. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below, I would love to hear about your week!

Lots of love,

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