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Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #5

Hello beautiful people! Sorry again for another late catch up post, I’ve been so busy recently and finding it hard to juggle working life with my blog. If you’re also a blogger you’ll understand what I mean when I say life catches up with you and sometimes your blog has to suffer because of it. Hopefully I’ll be back on form soon though because I flippin love blogging and don’t want to give it up! Ok, so here we go, my week…

EATING | This week i’ve tried to cool it with eating all of the free food I can possibly fit in my stomach and have instead tried to eat healthier. I’ve been eating Porridge and fruit for breakfast everyday this week, including the days I’ve been at Emmerdale and they have like every breakfast item you can think of… it’s been super hard to resist but i’ve managed it somehow.

DRINKING | This week I went out for lunch with my Mumma and had the tastiest drink. It was a chocolate orange hot chocolate that came with home made marshmellows and a flake. My word it was yummy. My mouth is actually watering thinking about it!

WORKING | As I mentioned in my last catch up post I’ve been doing a lot of extra work, this week I did 3 days of Emmerdale. At first I really wasn’t all that happy doing it as there wasn’t anyone my age but as the days have gone on it got a lot better. The last day was actually a little bit sad… but not so sad I would miss those 5am get ups because seriously they killed me. I’m not a morning person at all. I did some work at Pamper Your Princess this week, like I do most weekends however this week it was slightly different as I got to be Alice in Wonderland rather than a Princess. It was for a Mad Hatters Tea Party event that they did at the shop and honestly it was so much fun. As you know I love Alice in Wonderland and getting to be her was pretty damn cool.

SOCIAL | This week I went over to my best friends house, Rachel. It was just for a chill but it was so needed. We had a massive catch up and said everything we needed to say. You know when things happen in your life and only your best friend will know how to help you? Well yeah, we were both experiencing that. Rachel is just the person in my life that I feel I don’t need to see her every week to feel like we’re best friends, we can go weeks without seeing each other but when we finally do it’s like it was yesterday we saw each other, you know what I mean? Nothing changes, she’ll always be there for me. I love the girl! No idea where I would be without her. 12 years and still going strong.

WEARING |  My new lilac faux leather jacket from ASOS, oh my word it’s beautiful. It’s the perfect jacket for spring time because it’s pastel which screams spring and it’s also still warm without it looking too wintery (if that’s even a word!)

LOVING | My giraffe onsie. This week I felt pretty crappy due to getting a silly cold from being outside in the nasty weather all week. When I finally finished Emmerdale I lived in my giraffe onsie, it’s the cutest thing and it made me feel a lot better being all snuggled in it. I even drove to my best friends house in it… yeah I love it that much. I even had to get petrol whilst I was wearing it, no regrets.

HATING | Seeing my Disney pals photo’s whilst their still out there loving that Disney life, it’s making me miss it so much and making me so jealous! I keep looking back at all the photo’s of my time there which is making it worse. I’ve lost hope that I will get offered another contract anytime soon and think if I do get given one that it probably won’t be until Halloween/Christmas as that’s when they really need people.

LISTENING | The 1975s new album has been on repeat this week as preparation for next week when I see them live at Manchester Apollo. I super can’t wait! Really enjoy ‘The Sound’, such a tune. Stick it on, I promise you’ll love it.

WATCHING | The Cruise Ship. I’ve been watching this documentary on Princess Cruises that’s currently on TV to try and do a bit of research on what it’s like below deck on a cruise ship before I experience it for myself soon. I’ve been on a Princess cruise before but as a passenger which is massively different to being an employee for them.

OBSESSING | I’ve kinda already mentioned this but I’ve been listening to The 1975’s new album and i’m totally obsessed with ‘The Sound’, it’s just so flippin catchy and I’m just obsessed with putting it on repeat… to the point it’s driving Andrew insane. Sorry honey!

WANTING | There’s this super sexy red dress i’ve been eyeing up on Miss Guided that i’m thinking of buying for a night out in Liverpool. I’m thinking i’ll give in and buy it next week because it’s not that expensive and I don’t really have anything like it… so why the heck not!

FEELING | Optimistic. I’m looking forward to new adventures that are to come, I might not be heading back to DLP anytime soon but i’ve got to focus on new adventures rather than looking back at past ones.

MOMENT | My favourite moment this week was spending time with my bestie, i’ve already said that it was much needed etc so I won’t repeat myself but yeah catching up with my bestie was my favourite moment. Shes the coolest.

Apologies again for the lateness of this post but I promise i’ll be back on the ball with them and will be firing them out every Sunday from now on. Do you guys like reading these types of posts? I just feel like it’s a way of you getting to know who I am and what I get up to when i’m not sharing weird thoughts on Twitter. Let me know what you think of these posts in the comments? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of love,

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