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Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #6

Hello everyone! Ok so, I’ve finally managed to get my catch up’s back to normal postings so lets hope I manage to keep it under control from now on because I know you guys like these posts and I actually do enjoy doing them.

EATING | All of the bad food. Like seriously I have a problem right now and can’t seem to stop myself from eating so much crap. I ate out twice this week and also had an Indian takeaway… oh dear! I had this amazing nacho pizza though one day and this super tasty hot dog another, at the time I had no regrets but now I really do aha I really need to get back on my fitness game because right now it’s seriously lacking. I mean, I had a chocolate orange for my dinner one day and a creme egg another night… what is up with that? It’s actually the diet of a 5 year old. Sort yourself out Beth.

DRINKING | Wow, this week I went out on a night out and drank far too much… I seem to think that i’m a Uni student again whenever I go on a random night out then curse myself the next day for being so ridiculous because my old lady body can’t cope with the hangovers like I used to.

WORKING | I’ve not really done much work this week… whoops! I just have been super lazy but hopefully that will stop by the time next week comes. I have done three princess parties this week and I really enjoyed doing them as one I got reunited with my favorite long haired princess and two I got to spend time with a very special mermaid princess too which is something I rarely get to do. Princess parties are so much fun and are the closest things I got to remind me of my amazing time at Disney. If you love anything princessy then I would really recommend getting involved in doing princess parties because it’s so rewarding making children’s parties so special but it’s also so much fun and you forget you’re actually getting paid for it. Best job ever… yano, besides working at Disney!

WEARING |  My new lilac faux leather jacket from ASOS, oh my word it’s beautiful. It’s the perfect jacket for spring time because it’s pastel which screams spring and it’s also still warm without it looking too wintery (if that’s even a word!)

LOVING | The Creme Egg chocolate brownies that I made this week were incredible! I loved making these, I’ve seen loads of pictures of them on facebook so I thought I would make some myself and it was a great decision. They went down a treat in our house and quickly disappeared!

HATING | My hangover on Wednesday, it was horrendous. My word, I can’t cope with them at all anymore. I really am getting old. I spent most of the afternoon in bed feeling sorry for myself snuggled up with Snow White.

LISTENING | Again this week I was listening to The 1975 as I went to see them on Tuesday so we were listening to them during predrinks and then have been listening to them constantly afterwards too because they were just so frickin good!

WATCHING | The Cruise Ship. I’ve been watching this documentary on Princess Cruises that’s currently on TV to try and do a bit of research on what it’s like below deck on a cruise ship before I experience it for myself soon. I’ve been on a Princess cruise before but as a passenger which is massively different to being an employee for them.

OBSESSING | I bought this amazing lip pencil lipstick from Primark this week to wear for The 1975 gig and omg it’s so pretty. You would not think that it was only £2! It’s a velvet matte lipstick pencil and I just got it in the colour Red but they have a few other colours too. I’m wearing it in the picture of me with my best friend Rachel. I’m actually obsessed with it and will definitely be wearing as much as I can.

WANTING | I’m really wanting my paycheck to come in as there are so many things I want to buy right now. I’m really wanting some new make up, i’m in desperate need of some new mascara and really want to buy some new highlighters. I’ve got my eye on some Make up Revolution highlight, the heart ones because they look adorable.

FEELING | Optimistic. I’m looking forward to new adventures that are to come, I might not be heading back to DLP anytime soon but i’ve got to focus on new adventures rather than looking back at past ones.

MOMENT | Favourite moment this week has got to be when I was up on my friends shoulders at The 1975 gig during ‘Chocolate’. I was having an absolute ball! I was right near the front too (yeah I was that annoying girl up on a guys shoulders blocking everyone’s view).

I hope you enjoyed reading about my shenannigans this week, I shall be back again next Sunday with another catch up post! I shall also hopefully be posting a few other things during the week (probably Disney related) so watch this space.

Lots of love,

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