Disney Diaries | Journey to Disneyland Paris Part 1

This was the first picture I took when I arrived at DLP.

Hello my fellow Disney lovers! So a while back I asked you guys if you would like a little series on my blog about my time as a Castmember at Disneyland Paris. I’ve finally managed to find some time to start this series up. I have a few ideas for posts and i’m hoping you will enjoy reading them. I thought I would start from when I left the audition…

After the successful audition in Leeds everything felt like a bit of a blur. I got handed that little blue card and was just in total disbelief. After I left to dance studio, I gathered my stuff together, took an obligatory picture of myself with my blue card and hurried to my car to ring my mum and tell her the good news. It had gone 6pm by the time I finally finished the audition process and I needed to get back for my Sunday roast (if you’re a northerner you’ll understand how important this is and that it’s frowned upon to be late for your mothers roast!) Anyways, I jumped in my car and started to dial my mums number. I literally screamed the good news down the phone, she couldn’t believe it. I mean I couldn’t even believe it and I was there when it happened! After that I of course called Andrew, he said he knew I could do it bless him. Though now it had sunk in that there was a possibility of me moving to a different country… i’ll speak more about this later. I then took to social media to tell the world the good news and I got so many well done’s, it was just so nice to have everyone’s support. After some faffing about in my car I quickly set off to my beckoning roast dinner. For the rest of the night I was just a complete blur. I remember when my head finally hit the pillow I fell straight to sleep. I think I was just so tired from feeling so overwhelmed that after 4 auditions I had finally achieved what i’d been working so hard for. It didn’t seem like i’d ever get there but I had finally done it. I had completed the audition process.

Then the waiting game began. After you get put on the books you have to wait for them to find a contract that fits your profile. This might not ever come, all you can do is hope that something will be found for you. They have 6 months to find you a contract, after that you have to re-audition. This is because of French law, legally they can’t keep your details for longer than 6 months. Luckily, this was not the case for me as they quickly found me a contract… within 4 days. Crazy. I was in work when I got the call. I didn’t usually keep my phone on me during work as we weren’t allowed but for some reason I decided to on this day. I was minding my own business cleaning up one of the bars in the Opera House during the interval of a show when my pocket started buzzing. I had a look at my phone and I had an incoming call from a withheld number, again normally I’d ignore this kind of call but instead I picked up. I’m so glad I did! It was Babeth from DLP ringing with a contract for me… again I was in disbelief. I mean I know I had gotten through the auditions but I never thought I would actually get the call. I got given a day to think about it and after I had spoken to my family and Andrew I took the offer of a CDD that would be starting in 5 days time. Yes, mental.

I had 5 days to quickly pack up my life and set off to Paris. I had so much to do. I had to had in my resignation to my 3 jobs, fill out paperwork, take my car off the road, choose what to pack as I only had 16kg of luggage to take with me and then I had a lot of goodbyes to say. At first it was incredibly scary and I was super sad to be leaving my family and Andrew but after having a big ol’ chat with Andrew I felt a lot better about doing it. Andrew was so supportive all the way through my Disney journey, from start to finish. He didn’t want to stand in the way of my dreams and this only made me love him more. It was very tough being without him but we managed it. Leaving him at the airport was the hardest… more on that later though. I had 5 whole days to get my life in order to be able to move to Paris so I had to get cracking asap.

The day before my journey began quickly came about and I spent it with Andrew. I had gotten everything in order, the majority of things were packed (I still had a few more bits to pack in the morning) and I had done my last shifts at work. The lovely lot at Pamper Your Princess had bought me some super lovely flowers and a goodbye card. They were so supportive! My friend from Pamper had previously worked at DLP and had just gone to do another contract before me so I had a friendly face waiting for me on the other side which was such a relief. I had been messaging her like a maniac in the run up to my arrival date asking all sorts of questions, i’d actually be nowhere without her.

The morning of my arrival date had arrived. My mum, dad and Andrew came with me to the airport which was so nice of them. The car journey to airport was a huge blur and before I knew it we had arrived. This was when my airport nightmare began. You know I had said how I only had 16kg? Turns out that’s very little weight allowance, well, when you’re taking your life that is! I had to take so many things out and give to my mum which was so sad. I couldn’t bare part with some things so decided to wear them/carry them… I looked like a walking talking clothes mountain! It was worth it though. There was no way I was parting with Andrew’s jumper or my Snow White that he had bought me as a going away gift (I know, he’s the sweetest!) Then came the hardest part, saying goodbye to Andrew and my family. There were lots of tears, not all of them from my mum either! Andrew rarely cries but he got teary eyed during our goodbye and it started me off. It was probably one of the hardest things i’ve ever done but I stayed strong and off I went through the security doors, crying and waving on my way of course.

I’m going to end part 1 of my journey here as I’ve already waffled on quite a bit. The next part will be my arrival in Paris, getting to Disney and the whirlwind of my arrival in Disneyland Paris. I hope you have enjoyed this first part of my Disney Diaries though. I haven’t decided for certain what days these posts will be posted on, i’m thinking of doing a Twitter poll to see when you would like to read them so keep an eye out for that if you want to vote. Please let me know in the comments if you would like me continue or not. If you have any questions, throw them my way! I’m happy to answer any that you have. Also, if you have any suggestions for posts that you would like me to do concerning my time at DLP then let me know.

Lots of love,

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9 thoughts on “Disney Diaries | Journey to Disneyland Paris Part 1

  1. Hi. Great post and love your blog! I wanted to ask as I have been to the audition 3 times, and have gotten to face checks each of the 3 times. Even though the casting directors may not be looking for your specific character that day, they would still put you through to face checks right? And not cut you first/second round? I’ve seen a lot of people in the community get hung up about this – and I can understand it must be frustrating for you as you’ve worked there – passed the audition and know the process. It just seems that even if they’re not looking for, lets say a Cinderella, if they think you have the look they would still put you through to face checks right so you definitely come back and re-audition? I was told each time I got through to come back because ‘we are not looking for you right now’. What are your thoughts on this and thoughts about the DLP audition community?


  2. I love your Disney stories sooo much & I caaan’t wait for the next one 🙂
    I wonder if you spoke French before your journey or did you learn it at DLP? x


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