Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #7

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter weekend. I decided to post my catch up today instead as i’ve been thinking of maybe posting it on Mondays rather than Sundays, what do you think? Which day would you prefer the catch up posts to be on? Let me know in the comments guys. Anyways, lets get on with my week…

EATING | Of course this week I have been eating all of the Easter eggs, when will my healthy eating ever get back on track?

DRINKING | Trying to not drink as much tea as I do recently. I fear I may drink too much, I know maybe i’m being silly as really you can never have too much tea right? However I do drink about 10 cups a day… and maybe that is too much? I think when i’m bored I just make a cup of tea, i’m going to try and replace it with fresh juice and water. I’ll limit myself to just 2/3 a day maybe… we’ll see how it goes.

WORKING | Not done much of this again this week. It’s really hard at the minute work wise as I have my TV/film extra job and my princess parties job however i’ve not been getting a lot of work at the minute. It seems to be a bit quiet on the TV/film extra front at the moment and there’s not much up for grabs which is annoying. I’ve had a few princess parties but it’s hard to just live off this job alone. The other problem I have is that I can’t just get another job to help myself out money wise because I leave for my new job in May so I can’t just get a new one and say ‘by the way I leave in May, hope that’s ok’. So work wise i’m in a bit of a pickle. I did do two parties this weekend, my friend Alice was out and about delivering Easter treats with the Easter Bunny this weekend and I also surprised a little girl at her birthday party with a certain long haired princess which was a lot of fun as there was a bouncy castle involved.

WEARING |  Like I’ve said I haven’t really done a lot of work this week and have been pretty damn lazy so i’ve been living in my Bambi onsie all week. It’s super cute and I love wearing it. Andrew however hates it as he says it looks like i’m a giant baby, however I care not and will continue to wear it much to his disappointment… soz Andrew.

LOVING | I’ve been loving Depop this week, I finally sold a few things on it and it felt so good. I’m really in need of some extra cash at the minute as my US Visa, medical assessment/certificate and my seabook is costing me over £200 as well as having to tax my car so i’m a bit strapped for cash. So i’m loving Depop right now. If any of you have any tips on how to sell more things on Depop let me know in the comments. My username is ‘suthersss’ if any of you want to have a gander at what i’m selling. I’ve got a lot of Pandora and clothes on there.

HATING | The words ‘bae’ and ‘fleek’ I keep hearing and seeing this words, this week they seem to be popping up a lot and I hate them. I can’t stand them. Maybe i’m just getting old and don’t understand the craze.

WATCHING | MAC Lipstick hauls on YouTube have been my viewing choice this week. I’ve been watching one after the other as I want to expand my mac collection, i’m never sure what lipstick suits me really as I have very pale skin. I seem to have a fair few pinks going on so I want to try and buy a few different colours but I feel i’m venturing into unknown waters as i’m a bit of a make up noob… help me guys! I mean I love make up but most of the time I have no idea whether I suit the things I buy. If you have any suggestions of Mac lipsticks let me know in the comments.

OBSESSING | This week I’ve been obsessing over Depop like i’ve mentioned, though not just with selling my things but also with finding good bargains. I haven’t bought anything yet, I think this is due to me wanting to get the best deal and not wanting to be conned. I think I need to just take the plunge though. I’m completely obsessed with hunting down some good deals on unwanted make up. I think it’s because I haven’t got that many pennies right now so can’t afford brand new from the shop make up so this has become my way of getting new make up but for half the cost… even if i’m yet to buy anything!

WANTING | As I’ve mentioned I really want some new Mac lipsticks and I also want the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I just want a few really good products to add to my growing make up collection. I never used to be in to make up really,  I wasn’t all that bothered about good quality products but all of a sudden I find myself wanting more and more. Beth’s growing up guys! Quality over quantity…

FEELING | Determined. I’ve been off my fitness game recently and I really want to get back into it. After uni I decided to get healthy and lost 2 stone. Now I seem to be unmotivated to go to the gym and seem to be eating a lot of bad food. I think that might post a ‘How I lost 2 Stone’ post this week as I think it might motivate me into getting back on my health track.

MOMENT | I think my favourite moment this week has got to be surprising the little girl as my favourite long haired princess at her party. The look on her face was just amazing and reminds me why I do it. Not only does it bring the children joy, it brings me joy too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks catch up, not an awful lot has happened this week due to the whole work troubles thing but hopefully things will start to pick up next week!

Lots of love,

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