Disney Diaries | Journey to Disneyland Paris Part 2

So I left you just as I was boarding my plane to Paris to start my Disneyland Paris journey in my last Disney Diaries post. Lets carry on my journey…

The flight to Paris was super duper quick, I felt like it was over in minutes. All I could think was “What the heck am I doing?!” It just felt crazy that I was just leaving my life back in England and just moving to Paris! It was a big step and I felt so scared. Would I enjoy it? Would I make friends? Would people like me? Will I like my flat? Will it ruin Disney for me? Will Andrew and I be OK with the long distance? All these questions were pinging around my head. I was also very teary on the plane, I must’ve looked like a crazy person sobbing and clutching my Snow White wearing about five billion layers in order to be able to take more stuff. I finally landed in Paris and had a bit of a wait for my Disney shuttle as I had just missed one by a few minutes. I decided to get the Disney shuttle rather than tackle the RER with my luggage and my many layers of clothes as I thought i’d probably die. Once on the magic shuttle I sent my family and Andrew a text to say I was alive and i’d arrived in Paris and was en route to Disney, then it was just a 50 minute journey to Disney.

I arrived pretty early, I was meeting Valerie and the rest of my formation at 2.30pm in Marne Le Vallee train station so I had some time to kill. I got myself a little something to eat, this was a task and a half as I had to juggle my life with my euros whilst also trying to get out my rusty French phrases. After i’d filled my tummy I thought i’d try and venture over to Disney village to have a gander in the World of Disney store. This was also a task an a half as I had to take all of my luggage through security and then wheel it all about the store trying not to knee cap families as I squeezed past them and trying not to knock Mickey Mouse mugs off the shelves. I literally couldn’t wait to get my staff discount, I wanted it all. I was so tempted to just buy something but I had to reign it in as I knew i’d kick myself for not waiting for my discount. It was then getting closer to the meeting time so I struggled back over to the train station, after taking a few selfies obviously. I then met my formation and Valerie. We were all so excited and nervous. I recognised a girl from my audition and thankfully she recognised me to so that made me feel less nervous as it seemed the rest of my formation were all in the same audition in London. I had also previously found a girl who was in my formation before I went out to Disney, well she found me on Instagram so we chatted before we left which broke the ice a bit too when we all met. She was also on a CDD contract like me, the rest of my formation was on a CDI so they would be living in a different place to us. After we all did the awkward hello Valerie led us to a mini bus where we could drop our luggage. Then we set off backstage…

We had to fill out a lot of paperwork on the first day, I won’t bore you with all of that but after this was done we got told what we would be doing over the next few days. We had arrived on a Thursday and would be getting the Friday to settle into our new accommodation and to get things like food etc then on Saturday we would be doing something called Disney University which is something every single Disney employee has to do. Sunday would then be a free day before starting starting our training on Monday. I was so glad we got a day to just figure out things and settle in as I really needed that. I’m the sort of person who has to make a new place feel like home ASAP in order not to feel homesick. We also all got excited that we had Sunday free as it meant a day in the park, yaaaay! We all then piled into the mini bus and were taken to our new homes.

My friend and I were in a different residence to the rest of our formation so they all got dropped off first and we all had agreed to meet on the Saturday before Disney University. Then it was off to our accommodation. I lived in a place called Magny La Hongre and it was such a pretty place. Everything was so clean and neat, nothing like England! I checked into my residence and ventured to find my little flat. I eventually found my ‘room’, it was like a maze at first were I lived as it all just looked the same and there were so many blocks. I was so happy with my ‘room’ though. I say ‘room’ like that because it was bigger than your average room, it was an open plan studio type thing. I had a bed, table and chairs, kitchen and wardrobe space all in one room and then also a little en suite. It was super cute. I then set about the task of making it homely and unpacking my little life. I had a tonne of pictures to put up as well as bringing my own bedding from home and some fairy lights. Once done I then decided to wander over to my friends room, it was literally next door which was so handy, to see what she was doing. We decided to go for a little wander around the area to see what was nearby and to also grab something for dinner (it was now about 6pm). We wandered around and found a little supermarket, a few takeaway places and also a little boulangerie (which I took full advantage of the next day). We decided to grab a pizza from the takeaway and grabbed a few essentials from the supermarket to tide us over for the next few days. We then chatted back at mine and ate our pizzas, we just couldn’t believe that we were actually here. We both decided to Skype our other halves to tell them about our days, however we quickly realised that the only place you could get internet at that point was reception… however reception was closed. That evening was spent outside in the cold Skyping Andrew and my family, it was a weird situation but it was necessary. No idea why i’m telling you these details, like you would be interested but i’m kind of doing this like a bit of a diary entry. I hope you guys don’t mind!

It was then time for bed as I had been up very early and it had been a super long tiring day. It wasn’t until I was lying in bed that night in my little studio flat that it really had sunk in. I had done it. I had got my dream job at Disneyland Paris. Now to start my Disney adventure…

And that’s all for today’s Disney Diary post guys. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Like I said, i’m doing this like a bit of a diary entry as i’m doing this not just for you guys but also for me so that I can remember my time at Disney. I think the next post is going to be a ‘Disney Haul’ post but it’s going to be everything I bought from Disney during my time there, which was a fair bit. Is this something you guys want to see? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Also let me know if you enjoyed this post. I’m enjoying writing this blog series as I get to relive my adventure and reminisce over the good times I had.

Lots of love,

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2 thoughts on “Disney Diaries | Journey to Disneyland Paris Part 2

  1. I am really enjoying your posts because its an insite in to what happens through the process. So they provide you with accommodation then? That’s always whats made me worry about ever trying because of finding somewhere to stay hehe.

    I cannot wait to see all the stuff you brought during your stay ❤
    Keep writing!!! Immy xoxo


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