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Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #8

Hello my lovely little gems! How are you all? I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. It’s that time again where I tell you all what I been up to this week, it seems to come around very quickly. I can’t believe we’re on the 8th week of doing weekly catch ups. You seem to love them so i’m going to keep going strong with my weekly catch ups, not long until we’re in double figures. Lets get on to what I got up to this week…

EATING | I’ve been on it this week in terms of healthy eating, i’ve been trying to stay away from sweet treats and have been doing well. Obviously it’s fine to have a treat now and then but this week i’ve managed to stop myself from gorging on really bad food. I even said no to an Indian takeaway, what’s going on there? Craziness. I did go out for lunch with my Mumma and out for breakfast with my Paps this week however. I did balance this out by trying to choose healthier options (apart from the rainbow cake… that was just too amazing not to have) plus for the rest of the week I have been really strict with myself.

DRINKING | This week i’ve discovered an old favourite and can’t stop drinking it. Cream soda. How lush is this drink?! It just takes me back to my childhood. It’s so yummy!

WORKING | Last weekend my friend Alice in Wonderland visited childrens houses with the Easter bunny to deliver some chocolate treats and one of the Mums was super pleased with the visit so sent in pictures to Pamper Your Princess. Honestly, the pictures are the cutest things and it just makes me so happy that I can help bring smiles to children’s faces! Such a rewarding job. I should hopefully be doing some more extra work next week so that should be good. I’m a bit fed up at the minute just waiting to start my cruise ship job, I have got some exciting auditions lined up in the coming weeks which will keep me occupied.

WEARING |  This week i’ve been wearing my new mom jeans from ASOS and honestly they’re the comfiest things ever. I just love styling them. I’ve been liking pairing them with a casual tee and my burgundy vans for a more laid back kind of look. On my face i’ve been loving paring gold/bronze eye shadow with a red lip.

LOVING | I’m really loving my new Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, it’s just the prettiest eye shadow palette i’ve ever owned. I almost don’t want to use it because it’s just too pretty to! I love the pinky shades in it. I think my favourite shades in it are ‘Dust’, ‘Burnout’, ‘Buzz’ and ‘Trick’. They’re so pigmented and look so beautiful on. I really recommend this palette.

HATING | My lack of money situation. I just desperately need to be paid… and stop buying things! Bad Beth.

WATCHING | I’ve been obsessed with ‘Bear Grylls: Mission Survive’ this week. It’s just so addictive. I love Bear Grylls, I think he’s amazing. The crazy stuff he does is just mind blowing. I’ve always loved the outdoors and doing outdoor activities so this programme really appeals to me. I did D of E when I was at school and it reminds me of a more brutal D of E expedition.

OBSESSING | I’m obsessing over Mac lipsticks this week. I’ve just added Ruby Woo to my growing collection and I also have my eye on Brave. I really need to stop but I just can’t seem to. They’re just so pretty. I think I might do a ‘Mac Lipstick collection’ post, what do you think? Is this something you guys would be interested in?

WANTING | I’m really wanting some trainers that I can wear out and about as my trainers that I wear for the gym are bright pink and I don’t think I could pull off wearing them out shopping or for a meal. I’m really wanting some black or white comfy trainers that I can chuck on with some jeans, I’ve got my eye on some Adidas ZX flux’s. They look really comfy and have a really nice design.

FEELING | I’m feeling very determined this week! As i’ve mentioned I have some auditions coming up and I really want to nail them. I’m going to start working hard so that I feel confident by the time I audition. One of them is a singing audition which I am nervous about, I love singing but I feel very vulnerable when I sing. It’s just completely different to when I act, I don’t have a problem with nerves when I act but when I sing I just turn to jelly so I need to get more confident if I want to do well in these up coming auditions.

MOMENT | My favourite moment this week has been spending time with my parents. I went shopping and for lunch with my Mumma this week which was super nice. My mum is a very busy woman so it was great to just catch up and have a good natter about things whilst we did some retail therapy as well as stuff our faces with rainbow cake. I also went for breakfast with my Paps and my brother this week which was also super lovely. It was just very chilled and we had a good chat about things. My brother is in the middle of his exams so i’ve been nagging him to do revision, yano, like big sisters do! I just want the best for him, i’m a very overprotective sister. Soz Ben.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks catch up, I have a few things planned for next week so next week’s catch up should be a gooden! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. I’m hoping to get more posts up this week, my Disney haul should be up this week as well as my weight loss post. If you guys have any suggestions for posts that you want to see either comment on this post or tweet me!

Lots of love,

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