Disney | Disneyland Paris Cast Member Haul

So as some of you know I completed a contract as a Face Character, Character and Parade Performer at Disneyland Paris and whilst I was there I spent a fair bit of dollar on Disney merchandise and thought I would share with you guys what I bought…

Rapunzel glass

I love this little glass, it’s quite small and probably for a child but I care not. I wanted it so bought it. I also got it engraved with my name because i’m super sad like that. I prefer buying items that have a use to them and I use this glass all the time so it was well worth the money.

Alice in Wonderland and White Rabbit Tsum Tsum

These little tsum tsum’s are super cute, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any as they’ve not really got any purpose and just gather dust but when I saw the cute little white rabbit one I just really wanted it. I got the Alice tsum tsum off my lovely friend and fellow cast member for my birthday as it was my 23rd birthday whilst I was out there. I just have these little two, I don’t plan on getting any more but then again I do really want the Rapunzel one…

Rapunzel Figurine with light up lantern

This was my first Rapunzel related merchandise, I bought this pretty much straight after I got approved to be friends with Punzie in the park. It was like a little celebratory gift to myself.

Alice in Wonderland snow globe

This was reduced as it was slightly broken but I thought with a bit of glue it would be fine, I got it for just 3 euros! Bargain. It’s so sweet and just sits on my dressing table.

Alice in Wonderland mug

This was one of my first purchases when I arrived at Disney. I absolute love Alice in Wonderland and knew I wanted some Alice related things. I was also just so eager to buy something with my cast member discount as soon as I got it but didn’t want to buy anything Snow White or Rapunzel related in case I didn’t get the chance to be friends with them as I was yet to pass training. As even though you may have gotten to DLP to work as a face character that doesn’t guarantee that you will as you have to pass training first. This was a great purchase for me as the tiny mug I got in my studio just wasn’t cutting it for my several cups of tea, me being a big tea drinking northerner it was a necessity!

Alice in Wonderland bowl

This was another item that was among my first purchases, the bowl I had in the kitchen in my studio flat was just so tiny so I needed a bowl and of course it had to be Disney. Any reason to buy more Disney merch. It’s a super cute bowl, it’s slightly slanted as part of the Alice in Wonderland theme. I love it!

Alice in Wonderland flask

I knew that I wanted a flask for my early morning commutes to work so as soon as I saw this Alice in Wonderland I had to snap it up! People were jealous of my flask of tea on the bus in the morning.

Rapunzel photo frame

I bought this so that I could put the picture of Rapunzel with my family in it but sadly the picture is too big for the frame, however, I think I will put just a picture of Rapunzel in it (bit vain) so it can serve as a memory of my time at DLP.

Rapunzel postcard 

I spotted this in one of the shops on Main Street in DLP the day before I finished my contract, it was in the sale for 50 cent so I just had to snap it up. Why the heck not? I won’t use it as a post card, I’ll just use it in my little Rapunzel shrine I have going on.

Rapunzel canvas

This is also sitting in my Rapunzel shrine, I love this little canvas. They have a few of these canvases with various characters on them, I really wanted to get the Alice in Wonderland one but I thought I only really needed one so just got the Rapunzel one.

Disney princess lanyard

This was my first ever purchase at DLP as I wanted a pretty lanyard for my ID card instead of the boring black one we got given. It’s got all the princesses on it and just looks really cute. Now I just hang it in my little shrine but I’m thinking i’ll take it to use on the cruise.

Rapunzel, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland pins

My amazing Disney bestie and fellow cast memeber bought me a Rapunzel and Snow White pin for my 23rd birthday whilst I was out there as they were my face character friends, how cute is she?! I love them. I bought the Alice pin myself to go on my lanyard when I bought it to make it look pretty (i’m such a girl). I wouldn’t and didn’t buy anymore because I wouldn’t really know what to do with them. The three i’ve got are perfect and look lovely on my lanyard. I can understand why people get addicted to buying them, even I was tempted to buy a Merida pin but I managed to reign it in.

Minnie Mouse key ring (Andrew has the Mickey half)

I wanted to get Andrew a little present for when he visited me for the first time in Disney, he’s not really into Disney so I wanted something subtle. When I saw this little key ring that splits in two I thought this would be super cute, I could have Minnie and he could have Mickey. I loved the idea of me having one half in Paris and him having the other in England, connected forever (how cheesy). We both still have them on our keys still.

Rapunzel key ring

This was another thing I bought the day before the last day of my contract, it was in the sale and I just didn’t want to leave it behind. It was only a euro! It now sits on my car keys.

Disney princess autograph book 

I resisted buying an autograph book for the whole of my contract until my last week. I just thought it was a bit pointless but by the last few weeks I started to think it could be a good memory to keep as I could use it for also collecting goodbye messages from my fellow cast members so that’s what I did. As well as collecting a tonne of character signatures I also collected some goodbye messages that i’ll get to keep forever.

Photograph of my family with Rapunzel on Christmas Day

I would say this is my most special item, this picture was taken on Christmas Day. My family had never been to a Disney park before and there first experience got to be on Christmas Day! It was just so special to be able to experience this with them. To top it off, they got to meet my best friend Rapunzel. It was just amazing. Ignore my brothers miserable face, he’s an 18 year old guy who was rather hungry and didn’t really want to meet a Disney princess… this picture has me absolutely howling!

So that’s my cast member Disneyland Paris haul, I bought a fair bit! Thank goodness I had my cast member discount because I think i’d be bankrupt right now. I hope you enjoyed having a peek at what I bought. Are there any other posts you would like to see related to my time as a cast member? Tweet me or leave a comment on this post.

Lots of love,

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3 thoughts on “Disney | Disneyland Paris Cast Member Haul

  1. Great post!!! I have the same Alice in wonderland flask I love it I use mine for when I go to Manchester city football games with my dad when it’s freezing cold haha


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