Disney | Top 10 Things I Loved About Working for the Mouse

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Walking through Disneyland Paris when no one else was around was just magical.

So I thought I would do a quick little Disney post as that’s what was requested on Twitter so here’s a post about the 10 things I loved about working at Disneyland Paris. I hope you enjoy it guys!

  1. The Job – This had to be number one as lets face it, it’s the best job in the world getting to be friends with Disney characters. I mean, I forgot that I was actually getting paid to skip through Fantasyland with Rapunzel. The pay was just a huge plus. I mean, I was working for Disney… DISNEY!
  2. I got to dance in the parades – I’ve never felt like a strong dancer, i’ve always enjoyed dancing and took classes as a child but i’ve never thought I could do any dancing professionally however there I was dancing down main street USA. It was insane.
  3. I was performing – I absolutely love acting, it’s my biggest passion and what I have a degree in. To say that I got to perform to thousands of people everyday as part of one of the biggest companies in the world is just huge for me. It was my first professional performing job and it’s done wonders for my CV.
  4. I was making children’s dreams come true – … and adults! It was such a rewarding job. Getting to see thousands of children’s faces light up when they see their favourite Disney character walk around the corner. It wasn’t just children either, adults would cry when meeting their favourite Disney character and seeing them this happy was just incredible.
  5. I got to walk through the park before and after the park closed – This was brilliant. Walking down mainstreet USA on my way to work when not a soul was around except me was just magical. It was in those moments that I realised ‘Wow, my job is incredible’, I will always cherish those moments.
  6. I got to go into the park whenever I wanted – In my breaks or on my days off I got to enjoy the park. This is probably one of the biggest perks of working at Disney. Castmembers could enjoy the park whenever they desired, I would often have park days on my day off because why wouldn’t i?! There were so many times that I would just go and play on space mountain in my breaks.
  7. Castmemeber discount – As you may have seen in my previous post I took advantage of my castmember discount and bought far too much. However this discount was also on food/drink, I can’t tell you how many blueberry muffins I ate from the bakery on main street! I mean when you can get them rather cheap, why wouldn’t you stuff your face? As cast memebers you’re also entitled to a select few park tickets for your friends and family, this was one of the best advantages as it meant that my family could be in the park on Christmas day where they got to meet Rapunzel and also watch me perform on parade. One of my most treasured memouries.
  8. Barely queued for rides – This was pretty good. Our cast memeber ID’S doubled up as fast passes which meant we never queued for very long for rides. If the fastpass queue was too big however we wouldn’t be allowed to use our ID’s as of course guests come first! It did mean we got to go on several rides over and over again though, I don’t think i’ll ever get fed up of going on Tower of Terror even after doing it 4 time’s in a row.
  9. Got to meet a lot of characters – This was a great perk, I got to meet so many characters whilst working at Disney. I got so many pictures and autographs off characters that I might not have got had I not worked there. It was just so easy to grab a quick snap with a character before they went out and greeted guests.
  10.  My family and friends were so proud of me – This is probably one of the biggest perks. My friends and family were just so unbelievably proud of me for getting the job at Disney. I worked so hard to get there and it was so worth it just to see my family’s proud faces in the crowd whilst they watched ‘Magic on Parade’.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post and got to find out exactly why I loved my job at Disney. Which perk would you love the most if you got to work there? Let me know in the comments. If you have any requests on what posts you would like to see on my blog be that Disney, Fashion, Lifestyle etc let me know in the comments below or Tweet me!

Lots of love,

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