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Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #9

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. I know I missed last weeks weekly catch up, I was super busy but i’m back this week with a catch up post for you and I really hope you enjoy reading what I got up to.

EATING | I’ve been trying my best to be good this week and eat as healthy as I could which is always a challenge when doing extra work as there’s always so much food but I manage to some how battle the urge to scoff. I did however treat myself to a very yummy chocolate orange cupcake from a market stall in Manchester, I was casually passing through after my medical on Thursday and spotted these incredible cupcakes. I just couldn’t not pick one up, they looked amazing. They had all sorts such as salted caramel, after dinner mint, popcorn, Oreo, cookie etc plus i’m a real sucker for anything chocolate orange flavoured so I picked myself one of those up! You can’t always be good…

DRINKING | I’ve been drinking a lot of fresh juice this week, trying to up my vitamin intake! I’ve been drinking apple and mango juice, my word that stuff is tasty… it’s the small thing in life guys.

WORKING | This week i’ve done some extra work as some of you might have seen in my ‘SnapVlog’ (if you’ve not got me on Snapchat my username is bethanysuthers, I do a bit of vlogging on there as people seem to enjoy it!) I was working on a period drama, I love doing period dramas they’re so much fun as you get to wear such amazing costumes. This week I got to wear a huge dress that would’ve been worn in the 1800s, it was beautiful. I also had to wear a corset, i’ve had to wear a corset before for different period dramas but this still doesn’t prepare you for the amount of pain you experience. Man I hate those things. I also got to wear a crown… A CROWN! I felt like the friggin queen. I did two days on this and really enjoyed doing both days. It was filming over in the north of Leeds in a place called Church Fenton so it wasn’t too far away from me, took just less than an hour to drive there. Like always I met some really lovely people, one of the many perks of being a TV extra. I also did a princess party this week, I got to hang out with my favourite long haired princess for a different kind of party this weekend. It was for three flower girls who were having afternoon tea which was organised by the bride to be. It was very cute! It was more of a chatty kind of visit so I really got to know the kids which was nice, it was a lot more personal.

WEARING |  I’ve really enjoyed wearing my new MOM jeans from ASOS this week, they’re incredibly comfy and fit really nicely. I’ve just been wearing them with trainers/vans with a baggy tee for a more casual look as i’ve been travelling around a fair bit this week so needed a comfier outfit.

LOVING | The red bodycon dress that I wore out last weekend in Leeds, I know I didn’t manage to post a weekly catch up last week so I thought i’d include it in this week. It’s such a beautiful dress, I felt really good in it and that’s what you want in a dress isn’t it? That you feel smokin’ when walking into a room.

HATING | That I only got to spend 11 hours in London, 11 HOURS! Heartbroken I couldn’t stay for longer but I just couldn’t afford to. It was just a flying visit so that I could get my US visa. I was very sad that I didn’t spend longer in the big smoke, I always enjoy a trip down. The visit was that short I didn’t even take a single picture. Gutted! I was too busy running about everywhere.

WATCHING | Bear Grylls… anything! I’ve been loving his ‘Mission Survive’ programme as well as his ‘The Island’ programme. It’s become a bit of an obsession. I just really like Bear Grylls and find his programmes so interesting. I’d like to think I could last in the wilderness but then again I do enjoy Instagram far too much and would probably hate that I wouldn’t have signal to post a picture of me eating a bug (yano like Bear does, I don’t enjoy eating bugs as an everyday snack).

OBSESSING | I’m really obsessing over the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app this week, i’ve used it before and it really helped me to lose 2 stone after I finished uni so I thought I would get back into using it. (I promise I will get round to posting how I lost 2 stone). I’m now obsessed with it, I put in all my food and exercise each day as well as read some of the blog posts they have on there. It’s honestly such a great app as you can keep track of what your eating as well as your calorie intake and your nutrition. It helps with maintaining a healthy diet as well as helping you hit that goal of losing a few pounds. I would seriously recommend this app.

WANTING | I really want to know where exactly I’ll be off to on my cruise ship. I have a provisional date and location but this isn’t for certain as it all depends on when my paperwork gets completed. I would LOVE to go to Australia or New Zealand, these are two countries I would really enjoy seeing. I would also love to experience Asia as i’ve never really ventured to that part of the world before and I think it would just be such an incredible experience. I wouldn’t really mind where I go to be honest as I would be getting to see lots of countries anywhere in the world for free so you can’t really complain. I’m just really hoping that i’ll get to see at least a few new places i’ve never been before. I can’t wait to find out for sure where i’m off to. As soon as I do I shall let you guys know, would you like a blog post on it? Let me know in the comments or on twitter.

FEELING | Excited. I just want to get my cruise ship adventure on the way, I can’t wait to see the world. I’m also excited about a few different auditions I have coming up, I actually really love auditioning for things. It might sound a bit weird but I love the adrenaline it gives you and the atmosphere it creates. Plus regardless of the outcome I always feel proud of myself and that’s a great feeling. Love auditions. Yeah, i’m weird.

MOMENT | My favourite moment this week was actually seeing myself on TV and I mean not just a blur in the background but actually a full view of my face on the ol’ tele box. I had so many people texting and messaging me saying they’d spotted me, it was amazing. Obviously it was only a little snippet of my face here and there but still I was super impressed with myself. Next stop Hollywood…

I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks catch up, again i’m really sorry that I missed last weeks but I promise I shall be more on the ball with these posts and stick to posting them every Sunday. Let me know if you still enjoy these posts either in the comments below or on Twitter. I hope you guys have a great week!

Lots of love,

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