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Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #10

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful Monday. I’m still undecided whether to post these catch ups on Sunday or Monday, please let me know when you would prefer to read these catch ups either in the comments or on Twitter.

EATING | My healthy eating has gone a lot better this week thankfully. I’ve managed to drop 4lbs so happy days, i’m nearly back to my original weight before I went off to Paris. This week I did eat out a few times however but I tried my best to make healthy choices. I had myself a “cheeky nandos with the lads”, by lads I mean my mother. I got myself a salad as I was trying to pretend I’m healthy, it was super tasty but it did have a lot of dressing on it… it was swimming in dressing so i’m not sure if it was that healthy in the end BUT it was green and leafy so that counts right?! I also had a Wagamamas during the week, oh my word it was tasty. Again I tried to be healthy and went for seafood based dishes, after looking on My Fitness Pal at the calories though I may as well have just had a big fat burger from GBK (ah well, I thought I was being healthy and that’s what counts). I may have also had a quick  earl grey tea and skinny blueberry muffin at startbucks but that’s alright because it’s skinny? Yeah… it’s ok. It sounds like my weeks been pretty unhealthy but i’ve managed to lose 4lbs so who’s bothered? Not me.

DRINKING | I had copious amounts of green tea during my meal at Wagamama and thought that maybe I should start drinking green tea on a regular basis due to it being super good for you. I got my ass to the supermarket and bought a variety of green teas as I plan to try to drink at least one a day! Lets see how that one goes.

WORKING | Haven’t done a whole lot of working this week I must admit. I did have a fitting however that I did get paid for, yes I get paid to try on clothes for tv/films that I’m going to be in… it’s a hard life. I got a solid £30 for trying on an outfit from the 80s for an hour, amazing. I did also have two princess parties at the weekend, I got to hang out with my favourite long haired princess and also that princess that get’s it on with the beast. (Yes I do know their names, i’m not a tit, but due to copyright etc the business I work for doesn’t call them by the popular names). As always I had a lot of fun doing these parties, my only wish is that I got to do a lot more of them and more often.

WEARING |  Last week we saw a bit of sunshine, it was absolutely gorgeous for most of the week. I got to wear my new pretty white cut-work top that I recently bought, I didn’t think I would get to wear it until the summer! I just styled it with some dark blue jeans and some floral shoes. I did an OOTD post on the look on my blog which you can check out here.

LOVING | My new black and white striped culottes. Some of you might’ve seen me trying on these bad boys in my ‘SnapVlog’ (username: bethanysuthers), at first I wasn’t really sure if I could pull them off as I really don’t think i’m cool enough but I just thought “fuck it, why the hell not?! I like them, i’ma wear them!” So I bought them. No regrets!

HATING | That I still don’t know for sure which cruise ship i’m going to be working on or when i’ll be going. I got an email saying “Just to give you a heads up, you might possibly be asked to join a ship next weekend.” WHAT?! This is just craziness. I asked if I could be at least told which ship so I would be able to see the itinerary in order to prepare clothes that would be weather appropriate but was told I’d have to wait until Tuesday… So potentially I could be told on Tuesday when and were i’m off to then I’d have 3-5 days to sort myself out. Talk about last minute! I’m also in London for 3 of those days so overall, not a great situation. However, I was in the same situation when I left for DLP so i’ve done it once, i can do it again… I would just rather not!

WATCHING | I’ve really been loving Helen Anderson’s vlogs at the moment, I binged watched a fair few the other night and I just love them. They’re not the longest vlogs as they are daily vlogs but they’re a great watch. I can’t get enough of watching vlogs at the minute so if you vlog on youtube, throw your link my way as I’m sure I would enjoy watching it! I’m just super nosey and like to peep into peoples lives. How many times did I just say vlog in this paragraph?!

LISTENING | Megan Trainor – No is my absolute jam at the minute, i’m a tad obsessed. It’s just so catchy! Ma name is NO.

OBSESSING | I made these insane brownies, oh man they were just incredible. 1. They’re dairy and gluten free 2. Low fat 3. Healthy 4. Just super yummy. I’m absolutely obsessed with them, I ate about 4 and i’m absolutely not ashamed to admit it! I made them using Carley Rowena’s recipe, I’m so happy I discovered the recipe because it’s an absolute game changer. If you guys would like me to do a post on them, please let me know!

WANTING | I’m really wanting some western style boots, they look so cool and would go with so many outfits. I think my need for them sparked when I saw Fleur De Force style some in her Coachella lookbook and just fell in love with the idea of them. I’ve recently discovered a pair of reasonably priced leather ones that i’m just itching to buy as soon as my paycheck lands in the bank!

FEELING | Nervous. I have two auditions this week, I think some of you may guess what auditions but I’m not going to say until the day as I don’t want to jinx anything. I’m super nervous for them both, I can’t help but put pressure on myself and I know that’s not a good thing. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys and please send your positive thoughts my way!

MOMENT | My favourite moment this week has got to be going for a lovely walk in the sunshine with Andrew and then finishing our walk at a lovely pub to have a drink in the beer garden. It was just absolutely needed, as myself and Andrew don’t have many pennies at the minute it’s very rare that we get to do much out of the house so it was great to just get out for the day and not worry about spending loads of money.

That’s it for this weeks catch up post, I hoped you enjoyed reading what I got up to. I’m going to keep ‘SnapVlogging’ on Snapchat for those who want to keep up to date as my week goes along. Are you guys still enjoying these kinds of posts or would you prefer I just did ‘SnapVlogging’ now? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

Lots of love,

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