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Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #11

Evening everyone! I hope you have all had a fantastic week. I’m super sorry that I didn’t manage to post this yesterday, things got in the way but i’m here now to tell you all what i’ve been up to so lets get crackin’…

EATING | Well as some of you may know I was in the big smoke this past week which meant I had some yummy things to eat. I mean you can’t be in London and not eat lots of yummy food, it’s impossible. I had this amazing hot dog from a place called ‘Burgers and Cocktails’, yeah I should’ve really had a burger seeing as it was a burger place BUT I love me some hot dogs so I had to have one. It was the yummiest thing ever, no regrets. I also got myself a cupcake from Lola’s in Selfridges food hall, I just had to. I love Lola’s but i’ve only ever seen them in London so it would be an opportunity missed. I had a salted caramel cupcake, my word it was heaven in my mouth.

DRINKING | Whilst in ‘Burgers and Cocktails’ I treated myself to a cocktail, I got this crazy bubblegum one. It even had sprinkles in it, it tasted like my childhood… well not the alcohol bit as I wasn’t a big drinker back then.

WORKING | I haven’t done an awful lot of working this week due to going to auditions in London, I did however do some filming for a feature film set in the 70/80s. It was a night shoot so the shoot times were 12.30am – 5.30am, pretty crazy hours but it was a lot of fun. They did some crazy stuff to my hair so I basically looked like a poodle but I kind of liked it. I also got a pretty interesting phone call this week off my agency saying i’d been picked by a casting director to be the girlfriend of a main character in an episode of a tv show. WHAT! I know, pretty exciting. It’s going to be a bedroom scene (a tasteful one as it’s daytime tv, don’t worry!) and I honestly can’t wait to do it. It’s just one episode but i’m honestly so pleased I got picked. Such a great feeling. I’ve also been put forward for a small role on a popular soap that would mean I’d be in at least 15 episodes, I know crazy right? However, it’s just an audition and they may not like me but i’m super flattered that I been offered an audition. Very exciting times at the minute. I also did a princess party, I again got to spend some time with my favourite long haired princess! I seem to be getting a lot of requests for her recently and i’m not complaining. I feel so comfortable doing Rapunzel parties and always have so much doing them.

WEARING |  Bomber jacket. I only bought this bomber jacket this week but I just couldn’t wait to wear it. I never thought I could pull off this kind of a style but I’ve just really been wanting to change up my wardrobe. I feel I always wear the same things so thought i’d be a bit more adventurous. I didn’t like the whole sporty style a first but i’ve all of a sudden taken a liking to it. It’s just so comfortable and effortless. Big thumbs up from me.

LOVING | My new hat. I never thought I would buy myself a fedora, i’ve just never thought I’d suit a hat. However, you guys seemed to love it and thought I didn’t look too much like a tit in it so I listened and bought it. It’s crazy how different an outfit looks when you add a fedora, it makes it look so edgy. I’m very happy with my purchase so thanks for telling me to get it guys! You’re the best.

HATING | How unpredictable my life is right now, I feel like i’m just ambling through life just waiting for things to happen. I guess that’s what you get for choosing a career path in entertainment! Sometimes I just wish I enjoyed something like law or psychology because then you have a specific career path. However, that’s not me so I’ll just have to deal!

WATCHING | GAME OF THRONES! It’s finally back, HURRAH. Literally so excited that it’s back, as i’m sure the rest of the world is. It’s such a great programme that everyone has a love hate relationship with. You never know who’s going to die next, no one is safe in this programme! You make a promise to yourself “If blah blah dies I refuse to watch it anymore” then sure enough blah blah dies, you’re left in utter shock but there you are the following week sat in front of the TV eagerly awaiting that theme tune to start playing. It’s craziness.

LISTENING | Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman. Such a great song, I love Ariana! Why can’t I be her?! Her voice is just stunning, as is her face. Jealous.

WANTING | I really want a good camera so that I can possibly start a YouTube channel… Scary! I absolutely love YouTube, I love watching clothing hauls/travel/make up tutorial videos and would love to possibly start doing them myself. I’ve had a few requests to start one so I may take the plunge and start one. What do you think guys?

FEELING | I was feeling quite pessimistic this week after being unsuccessful at the Hong Kong Disneyland auditions (would you guys like an audition experience post? let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!) however my week started to brighten up after the calls from my agent about the role of the girlfriend and being put forward for an actual part in a soap. So I guess now i’m feeling hopeful. You never know where life is going to take you, you just have to take it as it comes. What i’ve learnt this week is your mood can just change within seconds, one minute I was feeling so down and wondering what to do with my life then after just a phone call I was instantly uplifted! My advice for anyone feeling down or lost is to just keep going because things can change within a matter of seconds. You never know what’s waiting for you just around the corner.

MOMENT | My favourite moment this week has got to be spending some quality time with the girls. I haven’t seen them in so long and it was just amazing to catch up. As always we had a lot of laughs, good chats and did lots of shopping. We spent a fair few pennies on new some new garms, I got myself a really cool sporty dress from Topshop that isn’t my usual style at all but I was totally drawn to it. Like I said, I really want to change up my style so there’s no time like the present. We also had a play in the Disney store on Oxford street because why the heck not?! We basically had a lot of fun and it was just what I needed, I’ve really missed those guys and I really want to make the effort to meet up more often.

And there we have it, my week summed up for you guys. I hope you enjoyed reading about what I got up to. I’ve tried to keep up with my ‘SnapVlogs’ this week and will continue doing so as you guys seem to love them for some crazy reason! If you don’t have me on there but want to peek into my life then my username is – bethanysuthers. Also as i’ve recently been paid it means I can treat myself to a decent camera… would you guys like to see my little face on YouTube?! Be sure to let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Lots of love,

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One thought on “Lifestyle | Weekly Catch Up #11

  1. Would love to hear about your Hong Kong disneyland auditions. Love reading your blogs!
    Matthew – a lurker with great interest!!!


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